Letters to the Editor

Don’t let Venezuela become another U.S.-backed coup

Stay out of Venezuelan matters

Recent events in Venezuela should raise serious alarm bells among North Carolinians.

The U.S. has a long history of overthrowing governments it dislikes around the world, particularly in Latin America.

President Trump’s decision to handpick a non-elected opposition leader in Venezuela as president reeks of colonialism and may lead to conflict between U.S. forces and Venezuela’s government.

The events are similar to the U.S.-backed coup of Salvador Allende in Chile in 1973 and the 2009 U.S.-backed coup in Honduras. Both led to massive humanitarian disasters.

We must condemn Trump’s extreme provocations in Venezuela and call on our elected officials to reject steps toward war and colonialism in Latin America.

Enzo Moretti, Charlotte

U.S. pays high price for illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants cost us billions in education, medical-related expenses, and other services.

We are spending a fortune in education trying to teach students who don’t speak English – and in most cases are uneducated from their home country.

At one time the majority of illegal immigrants were young men and adults. We could catch a lot of them and return them to their country of origin. Now, almost two-thirds are women and children.

They are flooding our system.

Thurman Linker, Cramerton

Master negotiator? Not the Trump I saw

Sham Ostapko
Sham Ostapko

In response to “Democrats, do your job. Compromise.” (Jan. 25 Forum):

Stop this Democrat blame game! It’s getting old. Democrats agreed to give Trump the $5 billion he asked for – for border security, but not for an ineffective, fiscally irresponsible wall. How is that not compromise?

Trump’s initial compromise was no wall, no deal. Where was the compromise in that?

Isn’t Trump a master negotiator? Maybe in a parallel universe?

In the meantime, 800,000 Americans have suffered because of Trump’s temper tantrum. Mr. Trump needs to do his job and govern!

Sham Ostapko, Huntersville

Act now to prohibit future shutdowns

The Senate and House must do everything in their power to .prevent disastrous shutdowns.

Government employees and their families are suffering the adverse effects of loss of income simply to advance political agendas.

Adding insult to injury is the mandate that requires a portion of these employees to work without compensation. That is feudalism, not the American way!

I urge that legislation be enacted prohibiting this extortion tactic from ever being employed again as a bargaining tool in federal negotiations.

Regina Eger, Mooresville

This Trump’s idea of trickle-down?

In the 1980s Ronald Reagan introduced the idea of lifting all boats with trickle-down economics. Since then we have seen that idea punch a lot of holes in the boats of the middle and lower class, sinking them to lower depths.

Now, our illustrious president has introduced trickle-down hardship with this idiotic shutdown.

So we not only have federal workers sinking into his quagmire, but also federal contractors, federally subsidized transportation agencies, the airline industry, etc.

Kudos to those who are stepping up to help those faced with desperate choices. Shame on the tone-deaf members of this administration and those in Congress who are immune to the hardships of those who live paycheck to paycheck.

Kent Rhodes, Charlotte

Got a good laugh about new bank logo

In response to “Wells Fargo unveils new slogan, logo in wake of scandals” (Jan. 25):

It’s nice to see that Wells Fargo is updating its logo in light of recent scandals where the bank created, and more importantly collected fees on, fake accounts for as many as 3.5 million customers, charged thousands with unnecessary auto insurance premiums, and foreclosed on thousands of home mortgages that should have be restructured.

I particularly like the fact that they’re updating the stagecoach graphic which seems to depict the bank executives driving the team of horses making off with the customers’ money! Nice job, Wells!

David Morris, Davidson

Thankful for a stranger’s kind deed

My wife and I were at Costco on Tuesday. When I attempted to pay for my purchases, the cashier told me the gentleman in front of me had paid for them!

I was wearing my U.S. Navy veteran hat and I suppose he wanted to thank a veteran and somehow decided it would be me. He wished me a good day before I realized what he had done and he was gone before I had a chance to acknowledge my appreciation.

I did not have an opportunity to thank him! Hopefully he will read this and realize just what a kind deed he had done.

Dallas Hudson, Charlotte