Letters to the Editor

County better not ban guns in parks

If Meck bans guns my group will sue

In response to “Some Mecklenburg commissioners want to ban guns in county parks” (Jan. 28):

The writer is president of Grass Roots North Carolina, a gun rights group.

When Winston-Salem tried to redefine whole parks as “recreational facilities,” Grass Roots North Carolina responded with litigation and forced language that further restricted the definition of “recreational facilities.” Winston-Salem removed signs prohibiting guns.

Paul Valone
Paul Valone

“Recreational facilities” include only swimming pools, athletic fields, gymnasiums and similar facilities. It specifically excludes greenways, paths and entire parks.

GRNC has forced dozens of municipalities to remove illegal signs.

If Mecklenburg County violates the law, we will sue for injunctive relief and recovery of damages, attorney fees and court costs.

F. Paul Valone, Raleigh

Intelligence chiefs spoke truth to power

In response to “Trump disputes intel chiefs, calls them ‘naive’ on Twitter” (Jan. 31):

I now understand why former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson supposedly called President Trump a moron.

Our president has zero experience with intelligence collection and analysis, yet has the gall to describe the experienced leaders of the U.S. intelligence community as “naive.”

Thank God for leaders in the intelligence community who are willing to speak truth to power. If only the Republican members of the Senate would at least occasionally show some similar backbone.

Dumont Clarke
Dumont Clarke MECKLENBURG COUNTY Charlotte

We live in a dangerous world where a clear-eyed, informed assessment of the real threats and risks we face is more important than ever.

Dumont Clarke, Charlotte

I’d urge Trump not to run again in 2020

I proudly voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and if he runs for re-election in 2020 I will again.

Having said that, for his sake, I hope he accomplishes his first-term agenda, then bows out graciously to enjoy his wife, family, wealth, and the remainder of his amazing life.

Dickie Benzie

After four years, I think he will have endured the worst verbal abuse by his opposition and the mainstream media of any prior president.

He may be rough around the edges at times and certainly not your typical politician, but in my eyes he is a true patriot and loves this country dearly. Do yourself a favor, Mr. Trump, enjoy your late-life years; you’ve earned it.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Maybe Mexico would buy this wall plan?

Here’s an idea for President Trump’s wall that I think all Democrats can embrace: Democrats will vote to fund a mile of wall for every mile of wall that Mexico pays for first.

George Evanoff, Midland

Effectiveness of wall is self-evident

We must finish building border barriers for the sake of the children.

With border walls, drug traffickers and human traffickers would have to try their luck at the ports of entry where well-trained, sharp-skilled officers, using high-tech monitoring equipment are more likely to detect human trafficking.

Some say border barriers are not effective. Border patrol officers say they are effective.

The effectiveness of border walls seem self-evident. Claims that they don’t work ring hollow.

Who doesn’t want border barriers? Drug cartels and big employers who want cheap labor.

Margaret Smetana, Pinehurst

County shouldn’t have met at a resort

I read Sunday’s editorial (“Our View: Mecklenburg’s big tax question,” Jan. 27 Opinion) with just a bit of dismay, as the editorial board ever so gently called out the Mecklenburg Board of Commissioners on its extravagant overreach in meeting at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro.

Did not one of our esteemed leaders consider the optics of their meeting at a luxury resort while planning a possible tax increase for the citizens they represent? Is there not one hotel in Charlotte worthy of their consideration for this meeting?

Unfortunately, the members of this board remind me of Patrick Cannon – arrogant and oblivious.

Geri Ridenhour, Charlotte

Make property taxes more affordable

We have all received our new property values from the county. Affordability was a major issue in the recent elections, and with the major increases in assessed values my concern is how will this affect those who are just making ends meet under today’s rates.

Should we have a homestead exemption similar to Florida’s to protect the long-term residents?

Craig Lewis, Charlotte