Letters to the Editor

We have bigger problems than the wall, America

Worry about our bigger issues

We have serious challenges in our country. Soaring debt, a stagnant middle class, lack of affordable housing, increasing homelessness, unaffordable healthcare, soaring college costs, failing infrastructure, and soaring drug costs.

What do our two political parties spend countless resources focusing on? A long stretch of border wall. We follow it on the news as if our very existence depends on it. All of our political leaders have failed us. Both parties. I am sure after sending this to my representatives I will receive a response on some small-minded accomplishments. So what? We have big problems.

The country needs leaders with big ideas and the guts to put themselves out there – leaders who put solving these problems above their personal ambitions.

John M. Beyer, Charlotte

It needs to be a wall for Trump

House member Kevin McCarthy says it doesn’t have to be a wall. Of course it doesn’t, but the president wanted the emotional punch of a wall.

To him, “physical barriers” would seem wimpy. Legislators need to negotiate the (call it anything) but negotiate and move on. By the time it gets built, like so many things mentioned by the president, it will not turn out to be the “wall” he hoped for. It will be a needed barrier of some description. Negotiate for more funds into the immigration purse to clear the shameful backlog of people who are applying legally.

Negotiating is not losing; it is an adult response to a situation that must be resolved quickly. It is way past due.

Donna Wilcox, Charlotte

Why not have four year council terms?

As a citizen of Charlotte, I see no reason why the terms of City Council should not be four years. I believe we would get a much more efficient and functional government. Having said that, if the extension to four years is possible, there should also be the stipulation that such an extension is possible only with term-limits, i.e. only two terms.

It is bad enough that our state and federal politicians become entrenched in office, with the only thing on their minds being the next election.

Chuck Newton, Charlotte

Republicans are turning a blind eye

Robert Cubbler
Robert Cubbler

Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia has been urged to resign by both Democrats and Republicans because of racist activity. I believe that anyone who is an elected official who is or has acted in a racist manor should be required to resign.

However, Republicans do not demand that GOP Rep. Steve King, who has made numerous racist comments, resign. As well as President Trump, who has made many racist or derogatory comments over many years about African countries, African Americans, President Obama, Hispanics and Middle Easterners.

The president should be held to the highest standard, yet the Republicans seem to let him slide. Could it be that it doesn’t matter what he does? He is a Republican and that is all that matters.

Robert Cubbler, Matthews

Guess it’s fine to murder babies

Liberals and Democrats constantly lecture us about how mean we conservatives are and how tolerant they are. I guess they’ve just proved it.

The Democratic N.Y. state legislature recently passed a law that allows for late-term abortions up to the moment of birth if the mother’s health is at risk or the fetus is not viable. They actually broke into applause and cheered when the bill was passed.

Democrats say the wall is “immoral,” but murdering a living, breathing baby is to be celebrated.

Mac McCall, Charlotte

How is this trash problem so bad?

My husband and I recently relocated to South Charlotte, and much to our dismay the trash that is evident on almost every highway and residential street is abhorrent. It is almost incomprehensible to me to not have trash receptacles available near all construction areas.

Maybe we need an educational campaign to teach those who throw trash out their vehicles that the world is not their garbage can. We don’t want Charlotte looking like a third-world country.

Ellen Langer, Charlotte

Congratulations to Jeff Gordon

In response to “Perfect Timing: Jeff Gordon vs. Dale Earnhardt one key to Gordon’s NASCAR HOF induction” (Feb. 1):

If the three B’s of classical music are Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, then Jeff Gordon would be NASCAR’s Beethoven. He’s a rock star in the sport!

Gordon had intangibles and brought legions of fans to watch a race. He was a clean-cut kid, talented, very polite, presentable to the media and won 93 races, which is no small feat. He has challenged the likes of the Earnhardts with those stats.

It did help that he had the best pit crew, the best crew chief, and the all-time best owner, Rick Hendrick. The stars aligned. I would like to raise my mason jar of moonshine to Gordon.

Randall Lemly, Charlotte