Letters to the Editor

What about all our debt and global warming?

We need to address the bigger issues

In response to “What to watch during Trump’s State of the Union address” (Feb. 5):

Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson

Tuesday night we heard the president and Democrats give their versions of the State of the Union. What I want to hear is an independent view.

Instead of hearing about a border wall sold on fear, I would prefer to hear about: co-investing in renewable energy and conservation to combat worsening global warming, co-investing in improving infrastructure, stabilization of the ACA, addressing our $22 trillion debt and $1 trillion annual deficit, backing off ill-conceived tariffs and focusing on job-retraining programs and helping companies retool to keep them here.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

Will we be pointing fingers this time?

Following an unsubstantiated, decades-old allegation of sexual assault against conservative Republican Brett Kavanaugh, there was a nationwide media feeding frenzy and all Democratic senators save one voted against confirming him to the United States Supreme Court.

Now there is an unsubstantiated, 15-year old allegation of sexual assault against Democratic Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax as he appears likely to assume the Virginia governorship. Will Fairfax experience the same level of moral outrage? Or have we had enough “accusation equals guilt” politics?

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

Andrew Wheeler will be great for the EPA

In response to “Nomination of acting EPA head Wheeler moves to full Senate” (Feb. 5):

As a cotton farmer focused on protecting the soil, water and air my family and I rely on for our livelihood, I wholeheartedly support Andrew Wheeler to be the EPA’s new administrator.

While Wheeler was acting EPA administrator, the agency published a proposed Waters of the U.S. regulation designed to provide farmers and landowners with a requisite amount of certainty and clarity, not regulate every aspect of farming, and enable farmers to meet USDA-approved/mandated conservation practices without the EPA and the Corp of Engineers claiming that doing so violated the Clean Water Act.

He understands American farmers can provide abundant food, fiber and fuel with continued access to the necessary crop protection products and technology.

Andrew Burleson, New London, NC

Increase taxes? No thank you

In response to “On taxes: You can’t have it all, Mecklenburg” (Feb. 1 Opinion):

Billy Maddalon’s column hit the nail on the head when he warned city and county leaders that they risk driving all but the very rich and poor to flee the city if they don’t reduce the new tax rate for 2019-20 to make the budget “revenue neutral.” Even with a revenue neutral tax rate, the city and county are and still will be bringing in massive new property tax revenues from all the new luxury apartments and office towers that will be opening.

I urge all property owners to email their city and county representatives to express their feelings. Indicate that their vote on this will be closely watched and that a vote to increase taxes (overall) will be one less vote for them in the next election.

Wayne W. Gatlin, Charlotte

Nothing was wrong with the Super Bowl

I am disappointed with all the negative Super Bowl commentary. A common theme is “it wasn’t entertaining enough.” I spent a fantastic four hours Sunday evening being well entertained, so I disagree. The problem is not what is entertaining us. The problem is our expectations and attitudes.

We have become too spoiled and entitled. True, this year’s Super Bowl was low-scoring and dominated by both defenses. But that does not mean the game was boring or lame. Brilliant minds and talented bodies performed and competed at a world-class level. It was a spectacle to behold, regardless of the final score.

We shouldn’t always demand bigger, better and flashier entertainment to be satisfied.

Layton Croft, Charlotte

You’d have loved it with the Panthers

I suggest that the sports writers for the Observer take another look at their comments on Super Bowl LIII and every time the Patriots are mentioned, substitute the Panthers.

Instead of mocking what, for me, was a wonderful game of NFL Defensive 3D chess, with the best team finally finding a crack in the armor of the other defense very late in the game, I am going to suggest that there would have been nothing but praise for the Panthers’ head coach, Ron Rivera, whether the score was 13-3 or lower.

I hope that our Panthers will soon be able to point to a hard-fought Super Bowl game and, regardless of the way the game was played, bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

Ron Kohl, Fort Mill