Letters to the Editor

Gov. Cooper was right to pull LaWana Mayfield

Governor made a smart decision

It is unfair to say that Gov. Roy Cooper “bowed” to the GOP when he rescinded LaWana Mayfield’s appointment to the North Carolina Human Relations Commission.

How do you know how many embarrassed Democrats, like myself, contacted the governor’s office to ask him not to make such a poor choice? Mayfield and her ridiculous tweets would be a millstone around the necks of Cooper and the Democrats.

Regardless of who deserves credit for educating the governor, he made a smart decision.

Kenan Sneed, Charlotte

Mayfield’s take should be valued

Kevin Strawn
Kevin Strawn

I have read LaWana Mayfield’s March 28 tweet dozens of times and struggle to see it as “bomb-throwing,” “inflammatory,” or “polluting.”

For me it says the president’s rhetoric has emboldened bad cops to intimidate black Americans to the point of being terrorized. With almost daily news reports of police violence it’s easy to see how one might come to that conclusion, correctly or not.

Note that her tweet did not say “All police are terrorists.” That statement should be considered inflammatory, if not seditious.

If the Human Relations Commission cannot have a member who proposes the existence of bad constables terrorizing minorities, then that commission is doomed to failure.

Kevin Strawn, Charlotte

Rest of NC won’t tolerate Mayfield

I don’t claim to be a supporter of Gov. Roy Cooper, however, he certainly made the right move in rescinding the appointment of LaWana Mayfield to the Human Relations Commission.

Mayfield has proudly owned negative comments while in an office that is supposed to serve the people and improve the community as a whole. Charlotte may be willing to tolerate her, but the rest of the state will not.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Stop pretending to be so saintly, Dems

Marita Lentz
Marita Lentz

In their zeal to be the “anti-Trump,” Democrats are losing their identity, becoming the saintly messengers and judges of the political field.

The constant demand for resignations of elected officials because of silly mistakes of youth will backfire.

I do not believe there is a candidate seeking the presidency in 2020 who is free of guilt of any youthful mistake.

Marita Lentz, Charlotte

Democrats tried to compromise on wall

Recently I’ve read several comments about the “hypocrisy” of Democrats’ unwillingness to support President Trump’s $5 billion wall, when in the past they voted for a similar structure.

Actually, Democrats supported a bipartisan bill authorizing $1.6 billion for border security, but that wasn’t accepted by our president. There seems to be a disconnect in the brains of some conservatives on this.

And Mr. Trump seems to think anything under $5 billion is “chump change.”

Mark Selleck, Waxhaw

I applaud Pittenger’s efforts on Meadows

In response to “Pittenger: Mark Meadows lost us the border wall” (Feb. 5 Opinion):

As a Democrat, I applaud former Republican U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger addressing the reprehensible governing behavior of U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows.

I strongly encourage the Observer and other N.C. newspapers to cover Rep. Meadows and all other local, state and federal politicians. Citizens need to be informed on how they are being represented so they can vote accordingly.

Stephen Jones, Charlotte

Wrong to link lynching, monuments

In response to “History of a brutal past: How many in NC were lynched?” (Feb. 4):

I resent the sentence in the article on lynching that said lynching spiked from 1890 to 1920, “the same period during which the most Confederate monuments were installed.”

The reasons for Confederate monuments and lynchings have nothing in common! Our monuments are honorable and lynchings are not.

Joseph Turner, Matthews

Be pro-active about litter clean-up

In response to “How is this trash problem so bad?” (Feb. 5 Forum):

Ken Rutherford
Ken Rutherford

I have been campaigning for more than 20 years about litter in Charlotte.

The worst thoroughfares are often state maintained roads, such as Providence and Woodlawn Roads, where some areas of trash have been there for years.

The only solution – if you have 15 minutes – is to call 311 to report your litter problem. Yes, 15 minutes of multiple re-connections and hold time is the norm, but you will often get results.

I just wish the city would be more proactive, especially in certain hotspots where litter seems to grow out of the ground on a weekly basis.

Ken Rutherford, Charlotte