Letters to the Editor

ICE arrests in Charlotte undermined trust of local police

ICE tactics undermine trust

In response to “ICE arrests at least a dozen in Charlotte, advocates say” (Feb. 7):

Martha Catt 2018
Martha Catt

According to N.C. General Statute 14-277, it is illegal to impersonate a local law enforcement officer by wearing clothing printed with the word “POLICE,” or operating vehicles purporting to be “police gang units.”

If CMPD did not assist ICE during the traffic stops this week, then those ICE officers were violating N.C. law and should be arrested.

Incidents like this undermine community trust of local law enforcement. Detectives cannot solve crimes if no one is willing to talk to the real police.

If ICE wants to stop illegal immigration, perhaps they should concentrate on arresting the employers of illegal immigrants. Employing undocumented workers is a federal crime and ICE could arrest those employers – wearing their own clothing and badges.

Martha Catt, Charlotte

Mayfield perpetuated a myth

Daniel Glassberg
Daniel Glassberg

In response to “Mayfield’s take should be valued” (Feb. 8 Forum):

LaWana Mayfield’s take should not be valued. It perpetuated a false street myth about police violence against people of color. The statistics do not support a targeting of blacks by police.The myth may be politically useful to some but it is destructive to our society.

I see no “almost daily news reports of police violence,” as the Forum writer suggests. He is feeding this destructive and divisive myth.

Daniel Glassberg, Charlotte

I saw bias in report on Trump’s speech

The headline Wednesday said: “Trump says ‘partisan investigations’ could derail US progress.” That was one line of his State of the Union speech. Much more time was spent on calls for unity, which is mentioned in the second paragraph of the article – right before blaming him for causing the rancorous atmosphere in Washington.

It is a shame your paper is so biased.

Robert Miller, Mount Holly

Denying choice is dehumanizing

In response to Kathleen Parker “The language of abortion” (Feb. 7 Opinion):

Op-ed columnist Kathleen Parker makes it very clear – keep abortion on the front burner – despite statistics showing decline.

There are other major issues to be addressed.

While it makes for great political upmanship to use language resonating with masses who are untouched, denying choice to those faced with the challenges of life is dehumanizing.

Think family, think war, think #MeToo. Just stop and think – using language to unite.

Barney Mulholland, Indian Trail

Cooper sided with extremists on climate

Keith Brittain
Keith Brittain

In response to “Cooper urges action on climate change” (Feb. 7):

Gov. Roy Cooper’s “urgency” on climate change dovetails with the scheme by Democratic politicians to attack our bounty of fossil fuels, nuclear power, beef, airline travel, and basic American freedoms in 10 to 12 years.

The governor should put the energy needs and quality of life of North Carolinians above the extremist, socialist agenda of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey.

Keith Brittain, Pineville

Ice cream is the least of NC’s worries

In response to “Sweet! Bill would make ice cream NC’s official frozen treat” (Feb. 7):

Seriously? N.C. Rep. John Torbett of Gaston County is spending his time drafting and submitting HB 30 to name ice cream – only if it’s milk-based – as the state’s Official Frozen Treat.

With all the important issues we have facing us as a state and a nation, our state legislature has time to write, deliberate and actually vote on this bill?

It’s past time for us to take seriously our right and freedom to vote and use that vote to select people who have an eye and heart for what is truly needed in these tumultuous times.

Thank you, Charlotte Observer, for alerting us to such triviality and putting it on the front page for all of us to see what happens in Raleigh.

Richard Little, Concord

That’s just way too much Cam for me

In response to “Cam Newton’s new vlog gives intimate details on his recent shoulder procedure” (Feb. 7):

I am sure that all of us in Charlotte and the surrounding areas get up every morning wondering if Cam Newton is going to have a great day.

It is so exciting that we have a vlog to watch about his surgery. Nice of him to share such a special part of his life with us.

I am so glad it was shoulder surgery and not a hemorrhoid removal.

Keep us informed, hope he gets better soon.

Windy White, Charlotte