Letters to the Editor

AOC’s Green New Deal is fantasy

AOC has become a gift to Republicans

Craig Reutlinger
Craig Reutlinger

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, better known as AOC, has become a gift to Republicans that keeps on giving.

Her latest gift is the Green New Deal, a massive proposal for government to take over a large portion of the U.S. economy by getting rid of combustion engines (all vehicles must run on batteries), upgrading or replacing every building in the US, and replacing airplanes with high speed rail, all of this by around 2030.

AOC and her fellow Democratic socialists have proposed this plan with a straight face. Well almost with a straight face. They acknowledge they may not be able to get rid of all cows that emit methane gas.

Craig Reutlinger, Charlotte

Churches must address sex abuse

Ray Brayboy

In response to “Pope acknowledges clergy have sexually abused nuns” (Feb. 6):

First it was confirmation of multigenerational and widespread sexual abuse within independent fundamental Baptist churches that further eroded the public’s trust in our nation’s religious institutions.

Now, confirmation by the Vatican that priests and bishops repeatedly sexually abused nuns has produced another chilling effect on many of us who embrace Christianity at its core.

When will the leadership within our religious institutions wake up and take ownership of, and do something meaningful to curtail, these despicable behaviors?

Since a majority of Americans have already thrown in the towel on regular church attendance, the time for swift and decisive action to address these issues is well past due.

Ray Brayboy, Myrtle Beach

How far back will we go on past mistakes?

The Virginia governor is accused of appearing in blackface in his medical school yearbook. Brett Kavanaugh was accused of excessive drinking in his yearbook.

How far back will people go to get info on others?

I just finished a book on Mao’s Cultural Revolution that described a case where a grandfather, deceased, was accused of being a landlord, so his wife was therefore an enemy of the state. She was abused physically and made to sweep streets as punishment.

Is this where we are headed? We have all done foolish acts in our past. Slowly we are being herded in the direction of Mao’s China.

People who have power can be dangerous.

Elizabeth Warren, Charlotte

Don’t be a sucker, do your own research

Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner

I have a challenge for all thoughtful citizens who care about the future of our democracy and the planet.

In a time when there is a reckless disregard for facts, begin to do your own research on what is true. Repeating lies often enough that it becomes the truth to some and presenting simple 140-character answers to complex problems is the hallmark of a demagogue.

Listening to commentary from others with their biased points of view, especially cable news and social media trolls, is like sweeping up after the horses in a parade. You just wind up with – well, you know what I mean. Don’t be a sucker.

Stephen Wagner, Charlotte

Lawmakers should back Global HER Act

Finally, the Global HER ACT is being introduced in Congress.

Across the U.S., the #Fight4HER campaign worked tirelessly this past election cycle to re-elect members of Congress who defend reproductive rights.

I am thankful that North Carolina has three members of Congress – Reps. David Price, Alma Adams, and G. K. Butterfield – who listen to their constituents and fight for what’s right.

I hope I will be able to say the same about my 9th District representative.

We must hold Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr accountable for condoning Trump’s lethal policies concerning international reproductive health and rights and let them know their actions have consequences.

Erica Hennes, Matthews

Cooper must rethink stance on pipeline

In response to “Cooper urges action on climate change” (Feb. 7):

Thank you, Gov. Roy Cooper for your strong statements to the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources about climate change and for calling for a state climate action plan.

In addition to these positive steps, I point out that the governor cannot fully understand the urgency of climate change if he is supporting fracked natural gas and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Methane emitted from the production of fracked gas is up to 80 times more harmful than CO2.

A new NASA study shows that the increase in methane is due to the oil and gas industry, so Gov. Cooper must back away from his support of the pipeline if he is full-bore committed to help reduce climate change.

Nancy C. Bryant, Norwood