Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.31.15

Joe Salerno
Joe Salerno

If advocate for unborn, provide for them

N.C. legislators pushing a bill to restrict access to legal abortions fail to mention steps to deal with unwanted children.

They should advocate state funding for the adoption and care of unwanted children. They should consider and plan for the future impact on society of many more unwanted children.

These are children who are likely to become abandoned, abused and neglected by people lacking the capacity to be parents.

It is shortsighted to solely advocate for the unborn without protecting children after they are born.

Joseph J. Salerno


In response to “McCrory vetoes wedding opt-out” (May 29) and related articles:

Not allowing magistrates to opt-out is discriminatory

No one should be forced to participate in an action that violates their religious beliefs.

Requiring magistrates and other persons elected or employed by the government to violate their religious belief in performance of their duties prevents persons from religious communities from participating fully in civil life.

This is inherently discriminatory and marginalizes and disempowers members of religious communities.

Mary Joan Florence


Magistrates preside over legal proceeding, not holy matrimony

I think we have missed the difference between a civil marriage performed by a magistrate, which is a legal occasion, and a wedding, which is a religious sacrament performed by clergy.

The Episcopal Church, as I expect other denominations have, has a provisional Rite, “The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant,” which allows the Church to confer its blessing on any civil union, which indicates the Church differentiates between civil and church marriage.

Magistrates who believe they are doing something “unholy” are not. They are just performing a legal proceeding, not a holy marriage. That is the province and responsibility of the Church.

Philip W. Steiner


In response to “What should we remember about Barack Obama? (May 27 Opinion):

Can’t ignore other events that occurred under Obama’s watch

Before D.G. Martin breaks his arm raising the pedestal underneath President Obama, I’d like to remind him of a few things that happened under Obama’s watch.

Both houses of Congress were under Democratic control when Obama took office. Had he been better at negotiating with others he might have had more success in accomplishing his agenda.

He also traded five Taliban leaders for a deserter, set a “red line” to no avail in Syria, is negotiating with Iran when we have citizens imprisoned there with little hope of any assistance from this administration, and his policy on fighting ISIS hasn’t been a success.

Sydney A. Odell


In response to “Don’t see a future for politically correct version of Boy Scouts” (May 28 Forum):

Can’t pick and choose what parts of Scout Law to embrace

It’s OK to remember that a Scout is supposed to be “morally straight,” but can we as Scouts pick and choose what parts of Scouting we want to embrace?

Then what about the fourth point of the Scout Law: “A Scout is a friend to all and to every other Scout”?

Can’t do this like some folks do the Bible, pick and choose what we want to obey, or can we?

Otha Morris


In response to “Proposed county budget won’t hike property taxes” (May 29):

Money for charter schools but not for CMS teacher raises?

The Mecklenburg County budget doesn’t fund a raise for public school teachers, yet it includes $3.2 million for 2,040 new charter school students.

And there are still people who think that charter schools do not affect our public school system?

Nice as charter schools may be, $3.2 million would do much better for the overall public educational system – a former bedrock of American opportunity – than to siphon it away for elitist education.

Joe Sutterlin


Sure hope Dell Curry can make Hornets dream come true

The Hornets have signed Dell Curry as an “Ambassador.” I have no idea what a team ambassador’s duties are, but I’m pretty sure Job One is “convince your son to come here when his contract expires.”

Phil Evans