Letters to the Editor

Why not talk about real immigration numbers?

Our nation is not a true nation

The real number of apprehensions by the Border Patrol at the southern border can be found easily. In fiscal year 2018, the number was 396,579 from 70 nations and numbers are on track for more than 600,000 in 2019.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom calls this a manufactured crisis but no one is stating the real facts. The question is, how many undocumented immigrants have we missed?

To quote Ronald Reagan, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

John Laurents Sr., Matthews

Students shouldn’t focus on this

In response to “Keep Richardson’s name on stadium” (Feb. 18 Forum):

As a UNC Charlotte alumnus, I couldn’t agree more with my friend, Forum writer Frank Jones, that Jerry Richardson’s name should remain on anything UNCC has memorialized on his behalf. His alleged transgressions do not rise to a level requiring such action and are more than offset by the innumerable contributions he has made to the university.

These student protesters should concentrate on their studies and not lose sleep over such matters.

Gary R. Gummerson, Charlotte

We can’t force art donations

In response to “Tax would replace loss of small donors” (Feb. 18 Forum):

Julian H. Wright Jr
Julian H. Wright Jr.

I support the annual Arts & Science Council campaign. I support the arts in other ways. The arts are incredibly worthwhile. Forum writer Robert Bush Jr., however, misses a fundamental point. Perhaps those 20,000 $25 and $50 donors (and others) have found better uses for their money.

Perhaps dinner and a movie, ballgame tickets or just a bit more money saved is more valuable and relevant than the arts our community currently offers. Perhaps the answer lies not in forcing small donors to support the arts through taxation, but rather in letting citizens decide for themselves about their own money and making the arts less self-absorbed, less entitled and more relevant to more people in our community.

Julian H. Wright Jr., Charlotte

Really Trump? Golf now?

Karin Kemp
Karin Kemp

I find it very interesting that right after declaring a national emergency the president flies off to play golf all weekend at his luxurious Florida golf club.

Somehow the logic of this escapes me. Shouldn’t he be sitting at the White House monitoring this dire emergency situation every minute? Especially since this is a National Emergency.

Karin Kemp, Matthews

Stop and research before arguing

I just read through the Green New Deal and it’s clear to me that most of those commenting on it, both Democrats and Republicans, have not read it. The fact is it’s a framework of issues that we as a country need to address.

Obviously, some of the aspirations included will be extremely difficult to achieve, but I don’t think that is a reason to totally dismiss it. Throughout our history we have never shied away from attempting big things. For me, the three biggest issues are education, healthcare and climate change. Surely most Americans agree we need to do better in those areas.

Unfortunately, in this political climate we seem to either praise or attack the messenger instead of reading the message.

Jack Matthews, Charlotte

Global warming is what matters

How do we choose a crisis? If we can spend billions to defend our southern border, surely we can come up with a trillion to protect us all from global warming.

A wall might keep our white grandchildren from being a small minority during their lifetime, but attacking global warming could prevent our grandchildren from being the last generation to live a normal life span. And that life span will not be pleasant.

We need to reduce generating carbon dioxide, but we also need to develop CO2 reducing systems that do not require the release of more than they remove and find uses for the captured CO2.

Albert Promislow, Charlotte

What an amazing All Star weekend!

I would like to thank the thousands of organizers, volunteers, the NBA and the Charlotte Hornets for portraying our city (and the Carolinas as a whole) in such a positive way over the All Star weekend. We are clearly a world class area that does a great job welcoming visitors to enjoy our home town.

The events were so entertaining, the crowds of fun-loving fans were great and the electricity the NBA brought to Charlotte was overwhelming. Most of all, I would like to thank our police women and men for all their hard work, long hours and patience for ensuring a safe event. Their dedication is truly appreciated!

Robert Warfield, Charlotte