Letters to the Editor

Babies of illegal immigrants should not be granted citizenship

Dems are twisting the 14th Amendment

Mike Rink
Mike Rink

It’s time to end claims that the 14th Amendment gives babies of illegal immigrants citizenship in this country.

The amendment was written over 150 years ago to give citizenship rights to slaves who had been brought into this country before the Civil War. It was never intended to become a way for illegal immigrants to circumvent our immigration policies.

Democrats only support – and finance – twisted interpretations of the amendment in hopes of recruiting votes from illegal immigrants and their children.

Mike Rink, Cornelius

A clear case of fraud; prosecute Harris

In response to “After Harris reversal, new election ordered” (Feb. 22):

Warned by his son, Mark Harris knew he was hiring a crooked individual to collect absentee ballots illegally in an election in which he was a candidate.

This is a clear case of election fraud, for which Harris should be charged and prosecuted.

Will someone please explain to me why Harris should be allowed on the ballot in a re-vote?

Carl King, Charlotte

Harris should not be on the new ballot

Thoughts from an independent voter:

Mark Harris beat Robert Pittenger by 828 votes in the 2018 primary using the same technique he later used to beat Dan McCready by 905 votes.

If the State Board of Elections decided the November vote was tainted and that election must be redone, then the 2018 primary against Pittenger was also tainted.

Therefore, the primary result is invalid and Harris should not be on the new ballot.

Jim Branden, Charlotte

End ability to make calls while driving

In response to “NC lawmakers want to impose fines for talking on phone while driving” (Feb. 22):

Why add additional responsibilities to our traffic enforcement officers when a relatively simple change to smartphone operating software would prevent using it, except in emergencies, while in motion?

Incoming messages would be announced, but the phone would not allow a response until it was stationary. This would prevent drivers and pedestrians from the distractions that often lead them into harm’s way. Only outgoing messages to 911 would be allowed while in motion.

No option to ignore the law. No additional enforcement required!

Bob Childrez, Kings Mountain

Stop placing blame; we’re in this together

In response to “California gets no pity from me” (Feb. 17 Forum):

Forum writer Thomas Cochran says he has “no sympathy for victims of floods, landslides, fire, etc., in California.”

This is the problem with the new nationalist attitude – it’s always someone else’s fault.

California gets floods, fires, etc. North Carolina gets floods, drought and massive storms. The Midwest gets an unprecedented polar vortex. We are all in this together.

Stop the finger-pointing and pay attention.

The person you help may be yourself, and perhaps even someone else.

Ted Greve, Charlotte

Carbon tax is a free-market solution

Dean Kluesner
Dean Kluesner

In response to “Let free market prevail on climate” (Feb. 21 Forum):

The Green New Deal would require a large investment of government dollars.

Fortunately, there is a bipartisan, revenue-neutral, free-market solution to climate change that both progressives and conservatives can agree on: Carbon Fee and Dividend, where only the corporations that produce CO2 are taxed and all money from the carbon tax is returned monthly, directly to U.S. households.

Even better, there is a law currently introduced in Congress to do just that – the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763).

Dean Kluesner, Charlotte

GOP supports an incompetent Trump

Sen. Thom Tillis has stated that he is against President Trump’s national emergency declaration. But the only reason Tillis voiced his concern is because funding for N.C. military bases is at risk, not because of what Trump’s declaration means for future presidents.

The GOP has placed an incompetent president in office. Trump’s national emergency news conference was rambling, incoherent and angry, and it contradicted his own administration’s facts on border security.

The office of the presidency is not an entry-level position. Going to rallies, giving speeches, and news conferences filled with lies are not qualifications for this position.

Dot Meixler, Huntersville