Letters to the Editor

Relieved to see Congress do what should’ve been done 2 years ago

Finally, Congress is doing its job

Laura Reich

From 2016 to 2018 the U.S. House of Representatives refused to do the job it was elected to do. Instead of working for the American people, some members believed, for whatever reason, that their job was to protect and enable Donald Trump.

Democrats on congressional committees asked for information and subpoenas, only to be ignored. Now, the Democrats are in control and doing the jobs that should have been done the past two years.

I, for one, am relieved that they are doing the work we sent them to Congress to do.

Laura Reich, Matthews

Dems acting like whiny children

If the Democrats want to contribute something useful to society, they should offer to rid us of four-way stop signs, traffic circles, and self-checkouts in stores. Then, maybe do something about annoying robocalls.

Right now, they are just being petulant children.

Larry Tyson, Charlotte

Meadows is an embarrassment

Mark Meadows is an embarrassment to North Carolina. As a Burke County resident, I’m sad to say he is my congressman.

Meadows had the nerve to bring a black woman, who had worked for Trump, to Wednesday’s congressional hearing and display her as proof that Trump is not a racist.

In 2012, before the election, Meadows promoted the racist birther theory by saying “... we’re gonna send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is.”

After the Charlottesville murder by a white supremacist, I never heard Meadows call out Trump for saying there were fine people on both sides.

In 2020, let’s send Meadows home to Cashiers or wherever it is.

Gary Garmon, Connelly Springs

Wake up and smell the dead fish

Rich Alter
Rich Alter

It’s a sad state that the House Oversight Committee has to rely on a convicted liar and criminal to try and prove what most Americans know – that we have the King of Liars as president.

When will the Republicans stop putting party over country and acknowledge the criminality and self-serving, biased nature of the Trump administration? How many more of his inner circle have to be indicted and/or convicted for us to wake up and smell dead fish? What is it now, nine and counting?

Rich Alter, Biltmore Lake

Bigotry, illegal entry are both wrong

I believe this administration’s immigration policies and practices are motivated primarily by a need to pander to a bigoted base – a base that provides the votes for a party whose policies are primarily of, by and for the 1-percent.

That said, to the defenders of those adults who are undocumented, I say, “What part of illegal don’t you understand?”

Will Robin, Hickory

The border wall is not a solution

Linda J. Brooks
Linda J. Brooks

Donald Trump didn’t worry about immigration laws when he hired undocumented immigrants to work at his homes or golf courses, but he was happy to malign them when he saw its attraction to xenophobes.

Building a wall is not a national emergency, nor a solution. I have a fence around my yard to keep my dog in, not to keep people out.

Linda J. Brooks, Charlotte

Glad Charlotte welcomes the CIAA

Christine Turner
Christine Turner

In response to “CIAA was a waste of our time” (Feb. 28 Forum):

I’d be interested in where Forum writer Don Reid gets his information to assert that the CIAA is “a fake tournament” and brings no economic benefit to the Charlotte economy. Would he say the same of the ACC which will be arriving in our city mid-March?

I am not a big basketball fan, but I support our city in bringing basketball, football, political conventions, and other organizations to exhibit that we are an open, diverse and welcoming city.

Christine Turner, Charlotte

Stop maintaining mythical excellence

In response to “Fact check: No, your student’s grade scale isn’t changing” (Feb. 28 CharlotteObserver.com):

The state’s inflated 15-point school performance scale gives the General Assembly cover for spending less on K-12 education. Under this system half of all “B” schools look like “A’s” and half of all “C” schools like “B’s.”

Maintaining this mythical excellence must end. When parents think their “B” school is an “A,” opportunities to pressure legislators for better funding are lost.

Adopt the 10-point scale.

Bolyn McClung, Pineville