Letters to the Editor

Mark Harris is still a good man

I can’t wait to see Harris’s next step

Trevor Cherry
Trevor Cherry

Mark Harris is a good man. He’s preached a non-watered-down version of the Gospel for decades, married many of my friends and shown love to countless families when they’ve welcomed babies into the world or had to put one of their loved ones to rest.

While Harris would have been a phenomenal asset to North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, people should know that his positive impact on souls across North Carolina and other parts of the country will be felt eternally; the sort of impact that the vast majority of Congress couldn’t even fathom.

I look forward to seeing what he and his wife Beth do next as each step in their collective life is filled with soul-level meaning.

Trevor Cherry, Charlotte

Let’s separate fact from fiction

In response to “Analysis: Cohen hearing stokes touchy topic of impeachment” (Feb. 28):

Daryl Solomonson
Daryl Solomonson Picasa

It’s so easy to dismiss the state of our government when our president lies on almost every subject. When positive things could come from this administration, they are destroyed by the lies. The complicit Republican Party is tearing itself apart with the web this administration keeps weaving.

Wednesday’s hearing was no different. Not once did a single Republican defend the president. They instead just trashed the messenger. It’s past the time for us to listen. We must now separate the facts from the fiction.

Daryl Solomonson, Troutman

Unwanted babies need protection

In response to “Bill advances to require care for babies surviving abortions” (Feb. 28):

As a political moderate who is ardently pro-life, I am frustrated by the ambiguous language in last month’s abortion survivors bill. What rights to life are included for a child who survives an abortion? Ventilators? Feeding tubes? Resuscitation? Or just letting the child die but not actively ending that life?

Here’s what I suggest: children who do not have parents able to make medical decisions for them are granted a guardian ad litem. Can we all agree that parents who were just trying to terminate a pregnancy would qualify as not being able to make medical decisions for that child?

When an abortion is performed past the age of viability outside the uterus, a guardian ad litem should be present in case the abortion fails and the baby is born.

Kim Muhich, Huntersville

Lyles needs to focus her priorities

In response to “Mayor Lyles forms a committee in response to ICE fear. Not enough, some say.” (Feb. 26):

It is important for everyone to remember that Mayor Vi Lyles represents all the residents of Charlotte, not just illegal ones. Her silence on immigration enforcement policies is well-placed, and hopefully she won’t cave as other liberal mayors have, such as those in Salisbury, Durham and elsewhere.

If anything, she needs to be more concerned about the 25-plus murders that have already occurred in the first two months of 2019.

David Ramsey, Mooresville

Students need business help too

In response to “Educate the youth on finance” (Feb. 26 Forum):

While I agree with people like Forum writer Michael Sass suggesting that our students should graduate high school with an understanding of the basics of personal finances, I believe that classes should also have a section that would educate them on the basics of starting and running a business.

I’ve had my own small business for almost 50 years, and it’s amazing to me how few people understand the importance of that building block of our entrepreneurial economy, and how few know the basics of how a business works.

Mark Selleck, Mineral Springs

Action with R. Kelly is needed ASAP

In response to “R. Kelly leaves jail after posting $100K in sex abuse case” (Feb. 25):

After reading your recent article on R. Kelly’s release on bond, I feel like real action needs to be taken here. A trial date needs to be set as soon as possible because this monster should not be allowed to roam free.

R. Kelly manipulated women into feeling that what he was doing was fine and wasn’t illegal. He used his position of power to exploit these women physically and sexually. It took all of his victims coming together to really shed a light on the situation for the country.

The recent docu-series Surviving R. Kelly only cements the fact that he is truly a monster. His victims deserve real justice for the monstrous acts he has committed against them.

Kyle Burns, Waxhaw