Letters to the Editor

Don’t make football more important than teachers

The stadium isn’t important

It’s hard to believe anyone would consider placing a roof on the Bank of America Stadium. I understand that this would bring more money for business and tourism, but I believe we should instead use public money to supplement teacher pay. Teacher compensation in this state is too low, and good teachers frequently move to Atlanta or to northern states.

That is not to say that there aren’t some very fine schools in this city, but paying teachers a higher supplement would be an improvement. The N.C. legislature always puts education last, and consequently, our scores remain low.

The City Council needs to step up and put the future of our children ahead of stadium renovations.

Allison Cordell, Charlotte

Take care of us, Lyles and McFadden

It is the responsibility of Mayor Vi Lyles and Sheriff Garry McFadden to protect citizens, not illegal immigrants. In case the mayor and the sheriff don’t know the meaning of illegal, they should review the definition of the word.

Immigrants who fear ICE are most likely those who will be deported as a result of their failure to follow federal law. Mayor Lyles and Sheriff McFadden, your solution to the illegal immigration policy is to enforce the law.

Paul Barrett, Monroe

Immigration progress is halted

In response to “What really is your stance, Thom Tillis?” and “Immigrants just want to live their lives” (Feb. 28 Forum):

Steven P. Nesbit
Steven P. Nesbit

Forum writer Traci Cockerham writes that if Thom Tillis supports border security, he must also support President Trump’s emergency declaration. Would that apply to all border security measures the U.S. could take, including using machine guns and napalm to repel illegal border crossings?

On the flip side, Julian Fludd writes that immigrants strengthen America, so he takes issue with the apprehension of illegal immigrants by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Once someone enters the country illegally, should we therefore welcome them and grant them immediate citizenship?

Progress will never be made on the immigration issue as long as both sides embrace absolutist, illogical outcomes.

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

Mark Cuban for president

Ron Feuer
Ron Feuer

You know who would be a great presidential candidate? I think it would be pretty exciting if billionare and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban ran in 2020. He would certainly get my support. Neither Democrats nor Republicans now have a single person who is fit for this highest job in our country, so he should run as an independent.

Cuban has high family values which seem to be non-existent in our present leader. He is also Jewish and it would be nice to have someone of Jewish faith in the White House. We’ve had a taste of many other types of people in recent years and none of them have produced really great results so let’s try something new!

Ron Feuer, Charlotte

How is America great again?

Make America great again at what? The last time we were great was during World War II and ever since we’ve never won a war. We didn’t win in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. The only thing we’re good at is losing, which to the Military Industrial Complex is a wonderful thing.

So, make America great again at what? To Europe, China and Russia we are a just a joke. Business wants to replace our government with themselves. Democracy is hard won and easily lost. Our president speaks kindly of China, Russia and North Korea leaders where I feel he’d prefer their form of government.

Could it be we’re just one declaration away from Trump being president for life? Most elected Republicans would silently consent.

James Mulcahy, Charlotte

How was this man set free?

Don McIver
Don McIver

Let me get this straight. A man named Eugene Hazen attacked a woman in February and was charged with assault and kidnapping. He was granted an unsecured bond and allegedly brutally attacked two women this past weekend while attempting to steal their cars. But after all this, a local judge obviously thinks “no big deal” and sets his bond for these additional attacks at only $70,000?

This is a ridiculously low bond for a very violent repeat offender. When he attacks again, I hope the judge can sleep at night with a clear conscience.

In my world, the bail would have been higher, with another zero to $700,000.

Don McIver, Charlotte