Letters to the Editor

Manafort sentence: A display of unequal justice

Manafort sentence was flawed justice

Geneva Bosak
Geneva Bosak

U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III has clearly shown in his sentencing of Paul Manafort that stealing pays if you make sure to steal millions and are close to people in positions of power.

Ellis’ incredible comment, in which he seemed to say that except for stealing from the American people and working with foreign criminals, Manafort “lived an otherwise blameless life,” only highlights the very deep division of justice applied to the haves and have-nots.

Is this really the justice system we want?

Geneva Bosak, Cornelius

Investigate the good Trump has done

Howard Honeycutt
Howard Honeycutt

While waiting for special counsel Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report, Democrats are moving ahead with their own investigation of President Trump, hoping to find something to help defeat him in 2020.

They should also investigate how non-politician Trump, in two years, could put up historic numbers in low unemployment, a soaring economy and stock market, new jobs, better trade deals, and much more.

How Trump accomplished this should be investigated – and then taught in MBA programs.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Setting policy off Trump lies is harmful

A fair review of the Trump record would say the economy has performed pretty well, but the economic growth is almost 10 years old and he has been president for two.

What troubles me is that farmers are going bankrupt at an alarming rate and auto plants have closed due in part to his tariffs. We are less secure because our allies do not trust him. He has devalued our long-term relationships and is at odds with the UN and almost every nation on climate change. And, he has made our national debt worse.

His lying is one thing, but setting policy off his lies is harmful.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

It’s a mistake to criticize Tillis on this

Timothy Eichenbrenner
Timothy Eichenbrenner

I commend Sen. Thom Tillis for taking an informed stand against President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency. This is a separation of powers issue, not a wall issue – an important distinction to make.

For the state’s Republican Party to criticize Tillis is a mistake. It is just as wrong for all Republicans to vote en masse as it is for Democrats to vote as one bloc. That’s called gridlock, and to engage in that is to mimic middle school antics, not the duties that the Constitution mandates our elected representatives to follow.

Timothy Eichenbrenner, Charlotte

Redefine value and pay of teachers

Deb Park
Deb Park

In response to “What is college really worth, and to whom?” (March 7):

Many studies show the worth of early education for our society in higher graduation rates, more home ownership, and less use of social, mental health and criminal justice services.

Yet, elementary teachers with a degree will not recoup the money they spend on tuition, not to mention yearly supplies in their classroom.

With major teacher shortages looming, we need to redefine worth and compensation by their benefit to society. In my opinion, teaching should be one of the highest paid professions!

Deb Park, Charlotte,

Ridenhour turned me off from the start

In response to “Matthew Ridenhour jumps into 9th District Republican primary” (March 7):

Matthew Ridenhour, who is vying for the vacant 9th District seat, was one of the early organizers of the Tea Party rallies. That in itself is more than enough to turn me off.

But two of his other statements definitely fall high on the list of ignorant ones. He said he is running because “the voices of socialists are growing louder and louder.”According to Ridenhour “They want to ban air travel, farming, and bankrupt our country.”

Does he honestly believe that, or is he just fear-mongering? Some people never cease to amaze me!

Carol Shubkin, Charlotte

House vote was no display of courage

In response to “House resolution condemns bigotry” (March 8):

The Democratic-led U.S. House showed real courage in taking seven pages to say that they hate hate, but can’t come up with one line in their resolution condemning Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic tropes.

Mike Toma, Cornelius