Letters to the Editor

Silent Sam is a reminder of slavery

Lock Silent Sam away for good

In response to “Sam honors so many soldiers” (March 11 Forum):

If "Sam honors so many soldiers" as Forum writer David Wilson states, then what about the many more whom he does not honor? What about the many African Americans kidnapped and sold into slavery and servitude? What about the many that were beaten, whipped, tortured and killed for not doing their owner's bidding? What about those who tried to escape, were caught and punished unmercifully?

The writer states that "thousands of NC men gave their lives..." but I think you could also say that those thousands were traitors and took up arms against the United States in order to protect and defend the inhuman institution of slavery.

Give Silent Sam the honor he deserves of being locked away in a place where he and his kind can be forgotten.

Bonner Mills, Mount Holly

Do prior crimes not even matter?

In response to “How was this man set free?” (March 6 Forum):

I very much agree with Forum writer Don McIver regarding the judge’s lenient bail treatment for such a violent act. To average citizens like me, this case is just another example that prior convictions do not seem to matter.

The Observer regularly reports the arrest of criminals either out on bail or out of jail from previous felony convictions, and I would ask that an Observer reporter investigate why so many repeat offenders, including many violent ones, seem to be just walking around looking for another victim. Educate us on the laws that allow (and sometimes require) the release of such criminals. Then, we could ask our legislators to begin toughening the laws.

Norman Davis, Charlotte

Don’t use Trump for good examples

In response to “Investigate the good Trump has done” (March 10 Forum):

I totally agree with Forum writer Howard Honeycutt that MBA students should learn the "secrets" to Trump’s economy. Classes could include "why economists agree that it is impossible to repay a 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut" and "tariffs hurt your own people, why use them?"

If MBA students actually want to learn something valuable from Trump, they would be better served with classes on how to avoid the six financial bankruptcies Trump-owned properties have faced along with advice on avoiding the moral bankruptcy he suffers from daily.

Dave Ballenger, Monroe

Is life considered an inconvenience now?

In response to “Don’t add more to women’s plates” (March 11 Forum):

Forum writer Lorraine Stark states that prohibiting a woman from aborting a baby after detecting a heartbeat is “just plain and simply immoral.” She further states “who will pay for future unwanted babies?”

Has our society sunk to the level of determining life or death by cost and/or inconvenience? I think that Ms. Stark needs to recalibrate her moral compass.

John Petrie, Fort Mill

Ocasio-Cortez is an embarrassment

In response to “Hero or villain, Ocasio-Cortez remains a media fixation” (March 11):

Marita Lentz
Marita Lentz

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to inform herself before her obtuse opinions are sent to the people. She is running the risk of becoming the Sarah Palin of the ultra left in the political landscape of our land.

Her ignorance about Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, that created public projects and financial reforms that helped the United States recover from the Great Depression, is completely wrong. I think Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her unrealistic dreams of socialism are creating a schism in the Democratic party. Her opinions and influence are scaring candidates who know that specifying their own moderate beliefs about politics will not open the door to a nomination in 2020.

It is absurd and criminal. I for one am against her reign and I hope many Democrats will follow.

Marita Lentz, Charlotte

A commuter tax is understandable

In response to “Time for a payroll or commuter tax” (March 8 Forum):

Forum writer Ed Carlson’s call for a commuter tax to pay for the infrastructure and amenities used by commuters to Charlotte but paid for by local residents is understandable.

I assume though that he would agree that the revenue raised by such a tax should be shared with surrounding counties that pay for the school systems, police departments, fire departments, road systems and more that serve Charlotte’s workforce but for which Charlotte’s local residents pay nothing?

J. Spratt White, Fort Mill