Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.02.15

Barry Sherman
Barry Sherman

In response to “Tough test awaits the school board” (Our View, May 28):

Re-segregation is everyone’s problem

The unconscionable beast of re-segregation does, indeed, roam our schools’ hallways. Yet, this beast doesn’t live within CMS. It lives within our monochromatic communities that bleed their divisive lines of race and socioeconomic status into our schools.

The real question is whether “we” – our civic leaders and community at large – are up to the task of mustering the political will to again address the shameful reality of “separate and unequal” schools that educationally deprive all our children. No scapegoating the school board on this one. We are all in this together, and the waters of accountability run deep and broad.

Barry Sherman


In response to “Columbia nurse pulled truck driver from crash” (May 30):

Uplifting story brought tears to my eyes, joy to my heart

This heartwarming story of a man’s heroic participation to save a life after a horrific road accident brought tears to my eyes. Especially so after reading the more “important” stories about crime, rotten politics and pollution. Yes Charlotte, there is still a lot of good news in our society.

Alan Goozner


Time to make politicians pay for unwanted toll roads

The will of the people has been made abundantly evident; we do not want toll roads in Charlotte. Yet, our politicians insist that we will have them anyway. Therefore, we citizens need to do two things.

First, we have to ensure that the political careers of everyone who has participated in forcing these things upon us comes to an end at the next election. Secondly, we need to boycott the toll lanes so that the builders are bankrupted. By doing these two things, we will ensure that we never have to worry about toll roads again!

Barry Eaves


In response to J. Craig Souza, “Board cares about UNC system, not political parties” (May 31 For the Record):

UNC board set a bad example for students in Ross firing

Mr. Souza asserts that proof of the UNC Board of Governors’ judgment will lie in its selection of a president to replace Tom Ross. Since Socrates’ time, the purpose of higher education has been to teach students to seek out facts, reach independent conclusions and articulate those conclusions in a rational, persuasive manner.

No board member has yet told us – articulately or otherwise – what objective facts and conclusions led it to choose to replace Ross, a leader whose ability that same board has continued to praise. What part of this fundamental violation of Higher Education 101 does this board not understand?

E. Osborne Ayscue Jr.


In response to “The digital medical records fiasco” (May 30 Viewpoint):

Digitized medical records are indeed benefiting patients

I was dismayed to see Mr. Krauthammer’s bashing of the digital medical record. My experience with it as a patient has been very good. It gives me access to all my test results, provides easy communication with my physician, allows me to schedule and reschedule appointments, and eliminates the postponements that used to occur when a consulting physician didn’t have access to my records.

The overall benefit to us patients has been very positive.

William A. Short


Thanks and happy retirement to a faithful newspaper carrier

David Smiley is retiring after serving 34-plus years as a Charlotte Observer carrier (without oversleeping even once!). He feels that it is time to spend more time with his wife. Those of us on his route have been the beneficiaries of impeccable service and we are most appreciative. We wish him a happy and well-deserved retirement!

Alexandra Davis Hipps