Letters to the Editor

Wall or not, securing the southern border is essential

U.S. needs a proper security barrier

John Perugini
John Perugini

In response to “Trump’s wall is an illogical solution,” (April 11 Forum):

This Forum writer argues that a wall along our southern border is “ineffective and illogical.” At times, others have said a wall is expensive and immoral.

Ineffective? Tell that to the people of Israel or citizens who live in El Paso, Texas.

Too expensive? Put a price tag on the importance of protecting the integrity of a free country.

I don’t believe anyone has ever argued that a wall would solve all our security issues, but it is difficult to dispute that a properly constructed physical barrier, augmented with drones and electronic devices, is the key ingredient to a comprehensive security system.

John S. Perugini, Waxhaw

On immigration, GOP had a chance

In response to “Congress, focus on the big picture” (April 10 Forum):

If Congress could help the immigration problem by changing a few laws, why didn’t the Republicans do that when they controlled the White House and the U.S. House and Senate? And how can Democrats do it now when they control only the House? Just wondering.

Rosalie Spaniel, Charlotte

Waters clueless on student loans

Ron Dayton
Ron Dayton

In response to “CEOs of big banks face off on risks with House Democrats” (April 11):

This article conveniently left out the most fascinating detail of the “face off” between big banks and House Dems.

The brilliant chair of the Financial Services Committee, Maxine Waters, poised to lower the boom as it were over the student loan crisis and very pointedly asked what the big banks intend to do about it.

Of course the big banks have not made a student loan since 2010 when the federal government took over the program, and several CEOs said so.

Apparently Waters did not have a clue about this recent turn of events. Very entertaining, but also painful to watch a low-information politician pander to low-information voters.

Ron Dayton, Mooresville

No more partisan flamethrowers

In response to “First 9th District Republican mocks Democrats, supports Trump in TV ads” (April 10):

If Dan Bishop goes to Congress will he advocate HB2 for the entire country like he did for North Carolina? He even voted against the compromise that allowed NCAA and other major events to return to North Carolina.

Do we need more partisan flamethrowers in D.C.?

Or, do we need moderates to place our country first and try to get things done?

Ken Young, Charlotte

Medicare isn’t so bad, is it?

In response to “Krugman got it wrong about GOP” (April 5 Forum):

This Forum writer said the Republicans hate the idea of government-controlled health care.

I wonder if she has any family, friends, or acquaintances who are over age 65? If so, she should ask them how they feel about this dreaded horror of “government-controlled” health care called Medicare.

Then ask them if they would rather go back to the good old days of buying their own private health insurance – that is, if they could find any.

Louisa Shugart, Charlotte

Increase spending on pregnancy centers

Cissy Carr
Cissy Carr

In response to “NC can do better on abortion laws” (April 7 Forum):

I agree that our abortion laws can be improved. I disagree with this Forum writer about the N.C. General Assembly giving $1.3 million of taxpayer money to crisis pregnancy centers.

I would much rather my tax dollars be spent preserving a baby’s life, giving much needed help and support to the mother, showing the value of human life.

Americans have been fed a lie by abortion proponents that abortion is an easy solution to what many women find as a difficult time in their lives. Abortion is not easy, leaving shame, guilt and remorse for many women.

The movie “Unplanned” shows what an abortion is like. I’m proud the NCGA helps fund crisis pregnancy centers. May that budget increase in the years to come.

Cissy Carr, Charlotte

The announcement I’d like from BofA

In response to “Bank of America will raise its minimum wage” (April 10):

What would make Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan’s minimum wage announcement more significant would be to state that he would also be taking a wage cut.

John A. Marszalek, Charlotte