Letters to the Editor

Trump sending immigrants to sanctuary cities is a terrible idea

Immigrant idea will surely backfire

In response to “Trump sanctuary city idea could help migrants stay in US” (April 14):

President Trump’s new plan is to release detained undocumented immigrants to so-called “sanctuary cities.” I feel this is his plan to punish cities for harboring illegal immigrants from deportation. This is a terrible idea that will surely backfire.

What kind of a signal do you think this sends to Central Americans thinking of making the journey to the border? When they find out they will be bussed to a city that will welcome them, why wouldn’t they come? Exactly.

John Bowling, Charlotte

We’re smart enough for the tax returns

In response to “White House: Congress not smart enough to assess Trump taxes” (April 14):

J Gregory Fagan
J Gregory Fagan

Sarah Sanders recently stated that Congress was not smart enough to interpret Trump’s tax returns. Having just filed my taxes for 2018, I believe her statement is 100% correct.

College calculus and the tax code are difficult. I am not a complicated person (a few investments, a business and a couple of rental units) and my return is over 65 pages. I have an MBA Degree in Finance but even I need help. What Sanders’ statement indicates, however, is that no one can understand Trump’s tax return. That statement is 100% incorrect.

Some are very smart and do understand tax returns. If there is nothing to hide, release the returns. If it’s impossible to interpret or accurately report on, no impropriety will be exposed. Otherwise, everyone is left to speculate, including the Form 1040-challenged like myself.

J Gregory Fagan, Charlotte

Not everyone has to agree on everything

What ever happened to the thinking “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”? I think these words are worth revisiting.

How have we sunk to the level of hating people who disagree with us? How have we come to believe that only we and the people who agree with us are absolutely right? Is it a form of narcissism or inflated self worth? To people who interrupt and scream over others, I would say “Why should I listen to you if you will not listen to me?”

I believe that God created us in His image and likeness. God is the only one who knows the absolute truth about everything. God gave us free will. Why should we try to deprive people of free will in order to make them think exactly the way we want them to think?

Margaret Smetana, Pinehurst

Why punish the environmentalists?

In response to “Hybrid owners would pay new annual fee under NC bill, and electric car owners would pay more” (April 10):

Regarding Senate bill 446, are NC GOP lawmakers looking to sneak in a tax increase or just want to stick it to environmentally conscious car buyers? Their dishonesty is exposed in all of the “simple assumptions” used to calculate the proposed tax of theirs.

According to the EPA, average fuel economy of the US car and truck fleet in 2016 was 24.7 MPG, rising to 25.2 in 2017. But the formula assumes a current average of only 20 MPG.

Having owners pay their fair share of road maintenance costs is fair enough. What is not fair is to expect owners of vehicles that do less harm to the environment to pay more than others do.

Steve Taylor, Mooresville

It’s not right to tax these consumers

I am amazed at our state and federal governments. Not so many years ago, they were encouraging us to buy fuel efficient cars, even going to the point of giving us a tax break and other incentives if we did. Now what are they wanting to do? Tax us because we have efficient vehicles? This is not right for consumers!

We paid the big bucks to save on fossil fuel and now we are going to be punished? I feel like this plan was in place when they gave us the tax break! Please just stop this madness.

Gerald Gibson, Lincolnton

We can’t afford not to fix our healthcare

In response to “Can’t flip a switch and give all Medicare” (April 15 Forum):

George Bohmfalk
George Bohmfalk

Yes Forum writer Daniel McKnight, we actually can just flip a switch and offer everyone even better benefits than Medicare currently does. We can’t afford not to, as the incredibly inefficient current system will soon bankrupt the country, while thousands die each year solely because they don’t have health insurance.

If you like your current plan, with its high deductibles and limited provider networks, ask anyone enrolled in Medicare if they would trade with you. They will laugh in your face.

George Bohmfalk, Charlotte