Letters to the Editor

Does ‘race’ blow these shootings out of proportion?

He had a gun, end of story

In response to “Body cam video shows CMPD officer shooting, killing man at Charlotte Burger King” (April 15):

Augie Beasley
Augie Beasley

At the risk of sounding racist, I wonder if the man killed had been white would there have been this rancor toward the police? It seems to be the thinking that because a person is African American that the person is shot for “living while black.”

People, the man had a gun. The video showed that. After numerous times being ordered to put the weapon down, in my opinion, he seemed to be turning towards Officer Kerl. She perceived a threat and shot. That should be the end of the story, but it is not.

People have the luxury after a shooting to parse the tape. Officers on the scene do not. What are the police supposed to do? Wait until they are shot at before firing?

Augie Beasley, Charlotte

Don’t just agree with hindsight

It is sad when someone loses their life, especially when they hold the outcome in their hands. It’s ridiculous though when arm-chair critics cannot be intellectually honest by putting themselves in the shoes of police officers who make split-second decisions on matters of life and death.

When a suspect is repeatedly told to drop a gun and continues to resist police instructions (“show me your hands”) the officers cannot read his mind. The suspect did not follow a lawful order repeatedly. That is what the police video shows. He paid an unfortunate price.

It’s simple. If an officer is pointing a gun at you, follow their orders. That deescalates the situation.

Paul Jones, Charlotte

Help those on both sides of the border

A lot of people support the idea of building a wall on the Mexican border and compare it to building a fence around their property. I have a fence around my property and it does a great job of keeping my two dogs in. It does a poor job of keeping anything out however. The rabbits crawl under it, the deer jump over it and the snakes slither through it.

A wall between our country and another country may do a great job of keeping Americans in, but a poor job of keeping anyone out. Immigrants will fly over it, crawl under it and boat around it. Our billions of dollars would be better spent attacking the cause of the immigration problem rather than the effect of it. Crush the drug cartels and do whatever else is needed to make lives better for people outside our border. That’s a win for everybody.

Wade Cobb, Lake Wylie

Not surprised at Twitter attack

In response to “Omar cites more death threats against her since Trump tweet” (April 14):

Fred Caudill
Fred Caudill

President Trump has demonstrated his lack of character and integrity in countless ways both before and since he moved into the White House. The list is too long and well known to be repeated here. So, none of us should be surprised by his despicable social media and in-person remarks about US Rep. Ilhan Omar that have led to explicit death threats against her. Likewise, none of us should be surprised that he seems almost gleeful in having done this.

What should surprise, and disappoint us, is the lack of outrage among her fellow representatives and among those who still have hope for a return of civility and sanity to our beloved country. Remember this on election day in 2020.

Fred Caudill, Charlotte

Blame Trump for no immigration reform

In response to “Immigration reform never stood a chance” (April 16 Forum):

You have to scratch your head when conservatives like Forum writer Ralph Levering say that Republicans couldn’t pass “meaningful immigration reform” when they controlled the White House and both branches of Congress. Mr. Levering conveniently forgets that President Trump’s immigration bills were always loaded down with provisions that he knew ahead of time were anathema to liberals, like an extra five billion dollars to build a border wall.

If and when the Republicans in the Senate grow enough backbone to propose a constructive immigration bill that is not poisoned and doomed to failure, the Democrats will support it. Although, President Trump will probably veto it.

Alan Singerman, Mooresville

Tiger is the greatest golfer of all time

In response to “The roar of the Tiger returns to the Masters as Woods wins fifth green jacket” (April 14):

The 83rd Masters Tournament showed that Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer of all time. He has won 81 official PGA Tour events, second to only Sam Snead with 82, and six ahead of Jack Nicklaus. He has won 15 major championships, second all-time behind Nicklaus. He also holds a number of other golf records.

Tiger Woods played golf as Michelangelo painted, as Beethoven composed music and as Shakespeare wrote poetry. Congratulations, Tiger Woods!

Kevin Palmer, Evans, Ga.