Letters to the Editor

Drop in jobless claims is proof Trump and GOP are doing something right

I see Trump success in Labor Dept. stats

The Labor Department says claims for jobless aid fell to the lowest level since September 1969. (“US jobless aid claims hit lowest level since 1969,” April 19)

The department also said the four-week average fell to its lowest since November 1969, and that claims have been at historically low levels for more than four years.

It appears that President Trump and his party are doing something right.

Bob Mays, Matthews

Burr is no patriot, he should resign

Cynthia Gibas
Cynthia Gibas

Well, well, the Mueller report reveals that our supposedly trustworthy, supposedly serious Sen. Richard Burr was abusing his position on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Instead of keeping secret what he was told by the FBI, and taking his Congressional oversight responsibilities seriously, he ran tattling to the Trump administration about an investigation in progress.

Not a good look.

Can we even trust him with national security?

At the very least, he ought to step off that committee immediately. He really ought to just resign. He has shown that he’s no patriot.

Cynthia Gibas, Charlotte

Should have touted Trump’s victory

After two years and $20 million-plus spent determining whether our president colluded with Russia, the Mueller report found zero evidence and cleared him of any collusion.

Yet, the Observer’s front-page headline was: “Mueller reveals Trump’s effort to thwart inquiry” (April 19), instead of no collusion, which is why this debacle started.

After two years of his administration hearing the mainstream media assume he was guilty, he was cleared of collusion and the Observer helps flame another investigation. How sad!

Mark Estep, Charlotte

Trump’s immigration claim bigoted

Sham Ostapko 2018
Sham Ostapko

In response to “We don’t have the resources for others” (April 17 Forum):

How many more ridiculous reasons will there be justifying President Trump’s bigoted statement that “Our country is full.”

Here’s what that means: We have no more room for brown people!

We have the resources. Studies have shown that the very people – undocumented immigrants – that Trump and his misguided supporters want to keep out of the United States are an integral part of our agricultural and economic development.

Sham Ostapko, Huntersville

Cooper failed NC on abortion bill

In response to “Cooper vetoes NC ‘abortion survivors’ bill,” (April 19):

Gov. Roy Cooper just vetoed a bill that would have protected babies born alive after abortion.

He stated that there are enough laws to protect these babies and said the bill targets abortion doctors. This from a husband and father who taught Sunday school, and served as an elder and deacon in his Presbyterian church.

Cooper, a believer in the sanctity of life? Don’t kid yourself.

Greg Stringer, Monroe

Teach people to comply with police

Butch Fisher2
Butch Fisher

It may be time for the citizens to be trained on how to interact with police: Communicate, cooperate, de-escalate.

I reviewed the body camera footage and I counted 17 times that the suspect was told to put down the weapon. How many times is enough?

When he was approached he should have discarded the weapon and raised his hands. In a situation like that, the quicker you comply, the better the result.

Butch Fisher, Charlotte

Officers and civilians both need training

People need to comply with police commands, then there would be no need for a police-related shooting investigation.

Instead of using the media to condemn police, use it to tell people to respond to police commands.

Now, I also do believe the officers need more training in how to handle these situations. These days it seems people are seeing police as the enemy.

Carol Lynn Simpson, Concord

Bishop isn’t what Congress needs

In response to Dan Bishop’s remarks at the Mecklenburg Evening Republican Women’s Club on Tuesday: I see nothing in Bishop’s bio that he was ever a “warrior,” not even ROTC. Sounds like he wants to “do battle” with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York’s 14th Congressional district.

Opponent Matthew Ridenhour was a Marine, as was Dan McCready. We need less fighting in Congress and more cooperation to accomplish the resolution of many current and future problems.

I’m sure McCready and Ridenhour would agree the Marines stress teamwork and problem solving.

Scott Clifford, Charlotte