Letters to the Editor

We shouldn’t support Trump after Mueller report

I don’t know how you could trust Trump

In response to “A few things you might have missed from the Mueller report” (April 19):

George Evanoff
George Evanoff

The Mueller report lays bare the fact that, while it appears Trump’s campaign did not actually conspire with Russia, they were aware of Russia’s interference and did nothing to stop it or notify the authorities.

These are facts, not fake news.

I do not understand how anyone, after reading the Mueller report, could continue to support Trump as president, regardless of any accomplishments they believe he may have made. Americans, and Democrats in particular, must treat the Mueller report as their clarion call.

George Evanoff, Midland

Not everything is about ‘race’

In response to “Trump’s immigration claim bigoted” (April 21 Forum):

Obviously, Forum writer Sham Ostapko is an intelligent person, but her logic is skewed by her liberal and progressive viewpoint.

Ms. Ostapko, everything is not racial. If we are to be a nation of laws, we must have borders and not allow illegal immigration no matter what color. Illegal immigrants that enter the USA immediately become a drain on our schools and welfare systems.

I have a business associate from Africa who waited 15 years and spent $20,000 to become a citizen here and open a business. His wife is still waiting and paying. What would you tell her?

Harry McPherson, Statesville

My state doesn’t care about my health

The push in South Carolina to pass the “heartbeat bill” is unsettling. As a woman born and raised in South Carolina, this made me feel like my state's government does not respect my reproductive rights at all. One troubling quote came from John McCravy in his response to the idea of rape where he said “rape victims can take the morning-after pill to avoid that situation.” Unbelievably ignorant.

Rape can be so traumatic that someone often cannot move or think, let alone have enough clarity to get a “morning-after pill.” Secondly, these pills can cost around $50, which could be impossible to afford for some, and they may not even have transportation to get it.

But, oh, it is a woman’s fault because she could have just gotten emergency contraceptives, right? Yeah, I don’t think so, South Carolina.

Hannah Griffin, Fort Mill

Lay down for cops? Here’s a better idea

In response to “What must a black man do to stay alive?” (April 22 Forum):

Bill Lane
Bill Lane

Forum writer Marjorie Parker says to lay face down when confronted by the police. Why not instead acknowledge the presence of the officer and put your hands up? During much of the confrontation and the commands from the police, Danquirs Franklin did not seem to acknowledge the presence of the police at all. The video shows that.

He should have acknowledged the police presence, had his hands in the air and followed their commands. That goes for everyone, no matter their skin color or gender.

Bill Lane, Polkville

Why not just try a new quarterback?

In response to “Panthers discuss possibly drafting a QB” (April 18):

Cam Newton has a great personality and he does a lot of good for the community. But he is frequently injured and often inaccurate. Why not bring in someone capable of backing up or replacing Cam who knows how to win? Right now, it looks like no matter how many game-ending interceptions Cam throws, we are going to live with it.

Why not bring in Colin Kaepernick? He led a team to the Super Bowl.We need a quarterback who can get us wins, and we need him right now. I don’t think we have one on the roster.

Rudy Abrams, Charlotte

Thanks for the Notre Dame donations

To those helping fund the rebuilding of Notre Dame, I say thank you. Hearing people deride these donors is frustrating, though. Their arguments that money instead should go toward more “human” causes, like fighting poverty, fail to appreciate the importance of a cultural and religious icon like Notre Dame.

More than stone and glass, the Notre Dame Cathedral was a beating heart of culture. She hosted France’s most prominent funerals and celebrations, as well as 13 million visitors annually. They basked in her incomparable beauty, religious significance and storied history. Then, flames extinguished the center of the City of Lights.

Today, Notre Dame is horribly scarred and donors have come to heal her. We should rejoice as they ensure that, one day, people may once again be amazed by her magnificence.

Abe Loven, Charlotte