Letters to the Editor

CMPD officers need to be better trained to de-escalate situations

Video shows Black lives aren’t valued

In response to “ ‘I didn’t have a choice,’ CMPD officer says in video after fatal shooting” (April 25):

Kemuel Murray
Kemuel Murray

The long version of the CMPD video is a clear example of another black life not being valued.

The video clearly shows that Danquirs Franklin was doing what the officer asked him to do through her commands.

I surely do not take responsibility away from the young man because this incident would not have occurred had it not been for his actions. However, the officer should be better trained in de-escalating these situations.

She showed very poor decision making. Then, the officers stood there and let that man die, providing no medical attention!

Kemuel Murray, Charlotte

Don’t use guns to settle disagreements

In response to “What must a black man do to stay alive?” (April 22 Forum):

Forum writer Marjorie Parker’s advice to African-American men to lie face down on the ground to keep from being shot by police seems misplaced.

Perhaps a better suggestion would be to leave the guns in the closet and deal with your disagreements in a more civilized manner.

Jim Hunter, Charlotte

Trump endures a constant barrage

Contrary to what the Mueller report is called it amounts to the persecution of a duly elected U.S. president. If we can’t prosecute, we will persecute; it all started in the Obama White House.

No man and his family should have to endure this constant barrage of bias and unfounded accusations.

Where are those great clarions of the free press who believe in honest, unbiased reporting, fair play, and equal justice under the law?

The American people should demand it.

Robert Alston, Charlotte

A question Trump supporters must ask

Michael A. Clark
Michael A. Clark

Donald Trump and his campaign pursued Russian disinformation about rivals offered to the campaign and failed to alert the FBI.

After an independent counsel was appointed, Trump was shown to have made repeated efforts to interfere with the investigation into foreign attacks on the 2016 election.

Multiple Trump campaign staff members have been found guilty of serious charges.

Trump supporters need to ask themselves how much longer they will debase themselves by supporting this corrupt, incompetent, pretend president.

Michael A. Clark, Charlotte

Biden is needed; now is the right time

Sally Gamble
Sally Gamble

In response to “Joe Biden formally joins Democratic presidential contest” (April 25):

So it’s Joe Biden’s third time to run for president? This time he’s needed. He’s the one who can right the ship.

Sally Gamble, Charlotte

Wary of Warren’s student debt plan

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren recently proposed canceling student debt to “reduce the wealth gap.”

More interesting is Warren’s proposal that the debt cancellation would be for those who make less than $100,000 a year.

Apparently Warren is suggesting redistribution of wealth from the “rich” begins at $100,000.

Warren did not offer any of her fortune to help students reduce the burden of student loans. Hide your wallets, folks.

Mike Weaver, Charlotte

Avoid false labeling on charter schools

In response to “NC should be wary of for-profit charters” (April 11 Editorial):

The writer is a charter school consultant and former state senator.

Eddie Goodall
Eddie Goodall

Where the N&O editorial board gets it wrong is misunderstanding the relationship of charters and their vendors.

Every charter purchases, with state and local taxpayer dollars, products and services it has to have in order to operate.

Across America companies serve charters by providing comprehensive services and products, including access to capital and facilities.

These organizations can be, in the education jargon, Charter Management Organizations or Education Management Organizations.

The former are set up as nonprofits, the latter as for-profit.

We have an obligation to ask questions and look closely at academic performance of charters that have, or have had, substantial EMO and CMO contracts. The editorial board has that correct.

But let’s make sure the public is not confused by false labeling. Charters are all non-profits!

Eddie Goodall, Weddington