Letters to the Editor

Honor the UNCC victims with gun control

Honor Riley the best way possible

In response to “A hero gets his day: UNCC’s Riley Howell honored by family, friends and the military” (May 5):

There is a lot of talk of putting this young hero’s name on a UNC Charlotte building or other facility in his honor. An even better way to honor his memory would be to put his name on a gun control bill that makes it more difficult for these kinds of tragedies to happen in the future.

David Duncan, Fort Mill

This is not the time for politics

Leave it to Rep. Alma Adams to try and make politics out of the shooting tragedy at UNC Charlotte, telling the students they have the power to make change at the ballot box. Well, Ms. Adams, I did not hear one thing you would do differently that would have stopped the shooting at UNCC.

The young man had no record and purchased the hand gun legally. It was not an assault weapon. So tell us please how you would have stopped this from happening. People love to demand change yet they never seem to have any answers of their own.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

Brown is hurting gun victims

I was greatly disturbed to receive a mailer from Leigh Brown for Congressional District 9. She states that the progressive agenda is trying to strip away the Second Amendment with “arguments based on falsehoods and faulty thinking.”

This is not true and is hurtful to the many victims and grieving family members of gun violence in the state of North Carolina.

Red flag laws are supported overwhelming by the majority of Americans, including Democrats and Republicans. The state of Florida with a Republican governor, house and senate expeditiously passed gun safety legislation after the tragedy at the high school in Parkland. It is time for the government of North Carolina to do the same.

Ann Cline, Charlotte

Supporting Trump doesn’t taint you

Phil Clutts
Phil Clutts

Instead of making an earnest inquiry into the truth, Congressional Democrats appear more inclined to presume the worst and attack testifying Republicans as if they were guilty of despicable offenses. Berating those with excellent, long-established reputations reflects more poorly on the questioner than it does to further the aims of good government. Individuals like Bill Barr and Brett Kavanaugh with long-held conservative philosophies should not be regarded as “tarnished” by association with Donald Trump and treated with contempt as a result.

If they are concerned about public perception and 2020, Democrats should learn to ask hard questions without being nasty about it.

Phil Clutts, Harrisburg

Where is our society heading?

In response to “Mecklenburg County’s $2 billion budget plan includes higher taxes” (May 3):

Jim Cherry
Jim Cherry

Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio wants to raise taxes for the vast majority of property owners.

Forget the vigorous debates they promise; the Democrats will go for taxing hard-working and responsible citizens. Redistribution of wealth is the heart and soul of the party.

Where is our society headed when it holds its most productive citizens up to ridicule and scorn?

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

No Republican will stand up to Trump

In response to “Sen. Burr, please defend our institutions” (May 6):

Bob Kirby
Bob Kirby

Why does Dana Ervin have hope that Burr or any other Republican would stand up to Donald Trump for the good of the country? For more than two years, few Republicans have had the guts to confront this president’s outrageous behavior. Maintaining their position of power has been more important to them.

The 2020 elections give Americans the opportunity to change the destructive course that we are on. We can only hope that the desire for change will overcome all the Republican efforts to block the will of the people.

Bob Kirby, Charlotte

Too many terrible crimes lately

Why have there been so many horrific crimes as of late? It feels like a lack of respect for the sanctify of life, as well as lack of respect for laws and authority and lack of respect of boundaries be they personal or national.

This lack of respect is killing our pre-born, our children, innocent bystanders and once again, our college students. Lord, help us to find a way out of this misery, this contamination of our society.

Sharon Massey, Charlotte