Letters to the Editor

Trump giving Medal of Freedom to a golfer is a disgrace

Medal of Freedom to a golfer?

In response to “Trump awards medal to Tiger Woods, calls him ‘true legend’” (May 6):

According to the White House website, the Presidential Medal of Freedom is “presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.” President Trump presenting the medal to a golfer, even Tiger Woods, sullies the award and past recipients.

Sure he is a great golfer, but what does that have to do with security or the national interest of our country? Who’s next? Tom Brady? The latest mega winner on Jeopardy?

Don McIver, Charlotte

President Trump, it wasn’t a coup d’etat

President Trump calls the Mueller committee’s investigation an attempted coup d’état because he imagines it was an effort to bring down his presidency. Constitutional government in the United States was here long before Trump and his presidency.

He, in a kind of Freudian slip, identifies what he and his administration are currently doing to obstruct that system at every turn and in every way they can. To me, this is the real effort to effect a coup d’état! Not surprisingly, the administration and many Trump supporters will continue to consider themselves good Americans citizens even after the report.

Rob McGregor, Harrisburg

Trump has lied over 10,000 times

The Washington Post has been keeping a tally of the "false or misleading claims" that Donald Trump has made since taking the oath of office. These include exaggerations, made-up statistics and outright lies. The level of Trump's inverse relationship with truth and honesty is so prevalent that his recent milestone of surpassing 10,000 false statements barely registered on the news cycle.

Just think about what it takes to reach that number in such a short period of time. We are in a situation where the public cannot accept anything on face value that this president utters.

Barry Jordan, Charlotte

Planned Parenthood will help all people

In response to “Trump defends health workers’ right to object to abortions” (May 3):

Lorraine Stark
Lorraine Stark

One step forward for Charlotte and for women who will benefit from Planned Parenthood's services at their new location off of Kings Drive. Without a Planned Parenthood, birth control, family planning and screenings for sexually transmitted diseases and cancer would not be available to the public.

At the same time, though, Donald Trump is at it again making it worse by advocating for a conscience rights ruling that will permit doctors, pharmacists, nurses, teachers and faith-based charities to uphold their moral and religious beliefs above a patient’s given rights. This would be a step backward.

Planned Parenthood's future opening in Charlotte arrives just in time to provide its services without religious strings attached to all who come through its doors.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Wolf population still needs our help

In response to “4 pups of endangered species of wolf born at Chicago zoo” (May 2):

This article is a heartening reflection of the effort that zoos have devoted to saving the red wolf. The article fails, however, to highlight the most pressing challenge facing those newborn pups: the immoral management of North Carolina’s wild red wolf population.

Captive red wolf pups have historically been reintroduced into the wild population, with great success. Today, however, fewer than 30 wild animals remain, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed shrinking their territory by about 90% and allowing landowners to kill any wolf that wanders onto their property.

While all newborn red wolves are cause for celebration, we should bear in mind that they are part of a larger cause that is now under fire.

Christian Hunt, Charlotte

Thank you for the UNCC coverage

In response to “A hero gets his day: UNCC’s Riley Howell honored by family, friends and the military” (May 5):

Thanks to the Charlotte Observer for the excellent coverage of the shooting tragedy at UNC Charlotte. In covering what was a depressing and discouraging event, you included some uplifting aspects.

All the events touched me deeply. I spent many years on the staff of UNC Charlotte and continue close contact as secretary of the Retired Faculty and Staff Association. I was especially appreciative of Theoden Janes’ insightful coverage of the funeral for the hero, Riley Howell. As a former journalist myself, I was pleased to see a newspaper have such a strong performance after enduring such sad times.

Ken Sanford, Lake Wylie