Letters to the Editor

Prayers won’t stop all these shootings America

NRA is an accomplice to these deaths

In response to “1 dead, 8 hurt in Colorado school shooting, 2 in custody” (May 8):

Another shooting, another young person assassinating children. This time in Denver and only two weeks since the UNCC shooting. When is it going to end? I guess the American people are numb and the dollar value of the weapons industry is too high.

What amazes me is the lack of reaction about these horrible tragedies. No demonstrations in the streets by anyone. Only lots of prayers. I am a Catholic, but I will never again pray to a God to come and save us.

If we do not take action, this country will keep on suffering the loss of the young who should be America’s future. The NRA and politicians are basically accomplices in these tragedies. Their hands are dirty.

Marita Lentz, Charlotte

Do politicians care about all the death?

Time to wake up people in office and the ones who are running. If common sense doesn't work, or the fact there have been dozens of different school shootings since fall alone (here and around this great nation), then you don't listen to the people you represent, or worse, don't care.

We need common sense laws put in place for the purchase of guns. That includes background checks, proper wait times on all purchases and tightening of loop holes on gun shows. People have shot, killed and traumatized their relatives, friends and co-workers, and I am sure I will be voting in the upcoming elections.

Ann Monrad, Mooresville

Tiger Woods deserved the medal

In response to “Medal of Freedom to a golfer?” (May 7 Forum):

Just like many others who disagree with President Trump, Forum writer Don McIver only tells part of the story.

There are 33 sport recipients that have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, including golfers Arnold Palmer, Charlie Sifford and Jack Nicholas. President Obama selected 12 sports recipients for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Based on those facts, I strongly disagree with Mr. McIver’s statement that Tiger Wood’s selection takes away from the integrity of previous winners. It is just the opposite.

Mike Van Glish, Charlotte

Many athletes have gotten the medal

Ross Levin
Ross Levin

Trump has disgraced past Medal of Freedom award winners by bestowing the honor to golfer Tiger Woods? Let’s see who has been sullied then.

Gerald Ford's Joe DiMaggio, Ronald Reagan's Bear Bryant, George H. W. Bush's Richard Petty, Bill Clinton's Arthur Ashe, George W. Bush's Muhammad Ali and look here, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Barrack Obama's Pat Summitt, Dean Smith, Yogi Berra, Michael Jordan and Charles Sifford.

There are more than this sampling. Perhaps Tom Brady should be next, actually.

Ross Levin, Charlotte

Planned Parenthood isn’t the end all be all

In response to “Planned Parenthood will help all people” (May 7 Forum):

The statement that “without a Planned Parenthood, birth control, family planning and screenings for sexually transmitted diseases and cancer would not be available to the public” is patently untrue. Mecklenburg County operates public health clinics which make these services available without charge. The positing that providers must not act on moral and religious beliefs is chilling.

Requiring providers to check belief systems at the door to maintain healthcare licenses goes against the history of this country. Planned Parenthood is, at its roots, an abortion provider which provides other services in order to obscure its main mission. Under current law, its ability to provide abortion services is protected. The rights of providers who disagree with them though must also be protected.

David Yarbrough, Charlotte

Here’s how to survive a rip current

In response to “Marine pulled from ocean Saturday is fourth death in two weeks off NC beaches” (May 6):

The summer season is fast approaching. I think this is probably a good time to publish methods of surviving rip currents that are estimated to cause an average of 50 deaths by drowning each year.

These deaths are probably the result of the swimmers encountering strong rip currents dragging them away from the shore at very fast speeds. In a rip current, death by drowning occurs when a person has limited water skills and panics, or when a swimmer persists in trying to swim to shore against a strong rip current, thus eventually becoming exhausted and unable to stay afloat.

To survive a rip current, try to remain calm and just let the current carry you away from shore. At about 100 ft out, swim parallel to the current at an angle until you are out of it. Then swim to shore.

Herbert Corday, Charlotte