Letters to the Editor

Don’t blame these shootings on legal gun owners

Banning guns won’t solve school shootings

In response to “Another week. Another rally. Another shooting” (May 10):

Trigg Cherry
Trigg Cherry

Money is not the problem with CMS. Bureaucracy and red tape are the problems. We’ve thrown more than enough money at CMS and it’s been gobbled up by the administrators versus the teachers. Throwing more money will not solve the problem of our kids’ educations.

Likewise, banning guns will not stop these school shootings. There are lots of reasons attributed to this including the media’s obsession with glorifying the gunmen, perverted religious beliefs and the proliferation of single-parent homes. The argument to ban lawfully abiding citizens from protecting themselves and taking advantage of their Second Amendment right is unconstitutional and absurd.

Blaming these tragic school shootings on guns and gun owners is like blaming obesity on restaurants and spoons.

Trigg Cherry, Charlotte

Legal gun owners aren’t the issue

In response to all the gun haters out there, why do you push for solutions that actually won’t decrease gun crimes? Your “reasonable ways” to reduce gun violence are always directed at those of us who do not commit crimes with guns. We are not part of the demographic causing the problem. Attacking us will never solve the problem.

Laws which only restrict non-criminal gun collectors and enthusiasts will never stop shootings nor gun crimes. They waste police resources by sending them after good people who would be simply violating a new gun law. Criminals would just ignore the laws.

The only thing these people seem to hate more than guns is normal people who own guns.

Alan Dockery, Newton

Cartoon sends the wrong message

I found the political cartoon in Monday’s paper to be completely offensive and inappropriate during a time of grief and healing for a community that just laid to rest a fallen police officer, gunned down at a traffic stop. As a resident of Mooresville, the timing of this cartoon couldn’t be more inopportune.

I realize that our nation still has issues of racial discrimination, but printing a cartoon that suggests a police officer might kill a black motorist and not a white motorist at a traffic stop for just being black is tasteless and sends the wrong message. Our police officers have an extremely difficult job protecting us law-abiding citizens and risking their lives every day and need our total support.

I’m quite sure there are some examples that affirm this cartoon, but they are the minority.

Paul Lovett, Mooresville

Americans care about their country

In response to “Democrats should be searching their souls” (May 9 Opinion):

Daryl Solomonson
Daryl Solomonson Picasa

J. Peder Zane, it’s not about Democrats or Republicans, even though it’s easy to label and keep pushing those arguments. So, what has happened over the last two years that should cause some soul searching?

First, I believe Americans do care about the fact that the Russians attacked our elections. Why else would our government be spending billions of taxpayer dollars annually to combat Russian military actions? Secondly, Americans want their leadership to be honest, moral and working with other nations to solve international problems. Thirdly, I believe we also want our Constitution and the rule of law upheld in this country. It is what keeps this nation together.

I know that Americans care about their neighbors and they care for those that come to this great country to be citizens.

Daryl Solomonson, Troutman

Why isn’t Trump impeached yet?

In response to “Mueller not testifying next week, but Dems still trying” (May 11):

Mary Ann Evanoff
Mary Ann Evanoff

The Mueller Report cites 10 instances where it appears President Trump obstructed justice, and he did so while president. Congress felt that Bill Clinton’s one count of perjury and one of obstruction of justice (to conceal an affair) warranted impeachment, so why do the Democrats not act to impeach this president?

I understand that the Democrats feel the Republican-controlled Senate will fail to convict the president, but that is not the point. Unlike a policeman who stops someone for speeding and “lets them off with a warning,” this is much more serious than that.

President Trump must not be let off with “just a warning.” To do so will just embolden this and allow future presidents believe they can win at any cost.

Mary Ann Evanoff, Midland