Letters to the Editor

Trump’s immigration plan allows in the crème de la crème

Trump’s immigration plan favors the elite

Joe Moran of Durham
Joe Moran

The May 16 headline “Trump to overhaul plan for legal immigration system” prompts thoughts on how he would change the wording on the plaque in New York Harbor.

The words on the nation’s Statue of Liberty have always been: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” -Poet Emma Lazarus.

The wording now being suggested: “Give me your skilled professionals, your rich, your well educated classes, preferably white European technicians, yearning for a higher salary. Send these, the English speaking crème de la crème to me. As for the rest: We’re full. There’s no longer a lamp beside our narrow door.” -President Donald Trump.

Joe Moran, Durham

We’ve been down this road before

An administration in trouble – an attorney general who refuses to testify to Congress, then will not release requested documents and is held in contempt of Congress, precipitating the president to invoke executive privilege.

Donald Trump and William Barr? No. Barack Obama and Eric Holder – during the Fast and Furious scandal. Look it up.

How quickly we forget!

Philip Moseman, Fort Mill

Watching our great nation crumble

Dickie Benzie

This 24-7 diet of special counsels, collusion, impeachment, subpoenas, House Judiciary Committee, Senate hearings, etc., etc., has driven me to drinking.

Now that the investigators are investigating the other investigators, I’m sure we are in for at least a couple of years worth of hearings and interviews with no one on either side being held accountable for anything.

The overwhelming consensus in my circle of friends is “thank God we won’t be here much longer to see the downfall of this once great nation.”

Dickie Benzie, Pineville

Abortion must be legal, but also rare

The one overriding, undeniable fact that is always omitted from the discussion of regulating abortion is that abortion cannot be eliminated.

Legal abortions may be made harder to obtain, but illegal, dangerous back-alley procedures will fill the void.

Rather than trying to legislate the impossible, the responsible course is to assure that birth control is available to everyone, and that those who choose to be mothers – and fathers – have the means to feed, care for, educate and otherwise raise their children to become productive citizens.

Abortion must be legal, but with effective care, it also can become rare. This is simply the Golden Rule put into practice.

Michael Warner, Charlotte

Legal gun owners are part of the problem

In response to “Legal gun owners aren’t the issue” (May 14 Forum):

I have to vehemently disagree with writers who think legal gun owners aren’t part of the problem.

Do they think it’s only criminals who leave guns lying around for kids to find and shoot each other?

Is it only criminals who shoot their spouses in domestic disturbances?

Maybe it’s just criminals who wave their guns at other drivers when they get cut-off in traffic.

It was a legal gun owner who couldn’t keep his pistol in his sweatpants and shot another patron at a local restaurant recently.

Yes, legal gun owners are a major part of the problem.

We need all gun owners to realize what a responsibility it is to own a firearm.

If they can’t keep it secure and out of the hands of children and thieves, then they are a danger to us all.

Timothy Weeks, Fort Mill

I respect all, but don’t throw it in my face

In response to “Liam’s Story” (May 10-14):

Your extensive, I mean extensive, reporting of Liam’s life history goes way beyond the bounds of responsible reporting.

I respect all people, just keep it home and don’t throw it in my face.

Jay Selle, Cornelius

Observer editorial that surprised me

In response to Our View “An ugly double-standard on Kim Strach” (May 15 Opinion):

Tom L. Bowers
Tom L. Bowers

Wonders never cease!

I already had my Forum letter ready to complain that if a Republican majority on the N.C. Board of Elections dismissed the executive director in the way the current board just did, and if the chairman of the state Republican Party piled on with the ridiculous statements like those just made by the head of the state Democratic Party, the Observer Editorial Board would have been quick to issue a stern chastisement.

Then, I opened my newspaper Wednesday and discovered the Editorial Board did exactly what I never expected. Thanks.

Tom L. Bowers, Charlotte