Letters to the Editor

Impeachment is all Nadler, Schiff and Waters can focus on

Democrats are impeding progress

Before the Democrats took control of the U.S. House, it was clear they would investigate everything Donald Trump has done since birth.

It has all come to pass. They will not accept the findings of the Mueller report since that was their bedrock for all of the fabricated Russian collusion.

Now we have Reps. Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters heading three committees with nothing on their minds except to impeach Trump.

Next, they’ll go after William Barr since they know he’ll uncover the false charges of Russian collusion. They cannot accept the results of 2016 and are out to impede any future progress.

Thurman Linker, Cramerton

Trump’s business acumen? I don’t see it

President Trump’s business acumen and self-described “golden touch” seem to be in conflict with reality as shown in the recent New York Times article about his finances.

I do give him “credit” for his business negotiating skills as witnessed by his ability to consistently con bankers into loans.

Trump’s negotiating skill as president are equally impressive, to wit: best health care ever, end to North Korean threat, best China trade deal ever, fabulous tax cut benefiting the middle class (wink, wink), etc.

And this guy was elected because of his business skill. It is America that has been conned.

Richard Foster, Denver, NC

Democrats, get back to work on issues

If Donald Trump wins in 2020, it will be due in part to the U.S. House’s obsessive investigating instead of legislating.

It’s not like there are no major issues for them to address. For example, what legislation have they proposed to fix the myriad of problems of the immigration crisis? This is happening now, but they sit on their hands.

Please, get back to doing the work of the people instead of doing the work of the Democratic Party.

Philip Ruggiero, Charlotte

There’s a war on women taking place

The legislation being passed and proposed to erase women’s rights is unbelievable given we are living in the 21st century.

These actions are no less dehumanizing than the Jim Crow laws of the last century, as they seek to restrict and control an entire group of people based on gender.

It’s all about power.

Women of every class and race need to resist these measures with every fiber of their being, lest once again we lose our basic human rights to control our own lives and bodies.

Rev. Margaret Howell, Charlotte

On abortion, find middle ground

Abortions have been carried out throughout history and probably will continue.

A moral society needs to find some balance between the rights of the mother and the rights of the fetus, as well as determine under what conditions abortion is justified.

It makes no more sense to permit abortion for any reason at any time in a pregnancy than it does to insist an invisible, single-cell fertilized egg is fully human (rather than a blueprint) with all the rights provided by the Constitution.

Hopefully, the benefits of modern science and reasonable leadership will help us come to a better solution than the current political football we have.

Linda A. Berne, Charlotte

Alabama’s hypocrisy is on full display

Have others noticed the irony in Alabama’s concern for life?

On abortion, many there say “all life matters.”

Then, there was the news last week that Alabama has the worst prison system in the United States – inmate deaths, conditions, lack of employees. Yeah, I know. The prisoners deserve it.

And, last week Alabama executed its second person this year. Yeah, I know. They deserved it.

Concern for all life? Don’t think so.

Wally Lingerfelt, Iron Station

Don’t slam the door on other immigrants

In response to “New Trump plan revamps asylum, requires work skills and learning English” (May 17):

Does anyone believe the ancestors of Donald Trump and Jared Kushner could have passed the immigration litmus test they are now proposing?

It is mean-spirited to slam the door in the faces of those behind you after you’ve passed through unimpeded.

Carol Ann Strini, Mint Hill

Disputed gun loophole is no myth

Joe Salerno
Joseph Salerno

A recent Forum writer dismissed the gun show loophole as a “myth.” (“Gun dealers aren’t the problem,” May 16 Forum):

He said anyone can “privately and legally” sell guns to friends, family and neighbors without performing a background check. Wouldn’t that include anyone who walks into a gun show that the seller considers a “friend, neighbor or family member”?

Isn’t that a loophole?

Universal means universal background checks for all gun sales. That is a sound first step toward reducing gun violence and putting violators of the law in prison.

Joseph Salerno, Charlotte