Letters to the Editor

‘Arthur’ teaches valuable lessons on PBS. Listen and learn, Franklin.

Franklin could learn a lot from PBS

Mary Gaertner
Mary Gaertner

In response to “Evangelist Franklin Graham bashes PBS cartoon ‘Arthur’ after character’s gay marriage” (May 16):

“Arthur” is a PBS cartoon and Mr. Ratburn is an aardvark dressed in a suit.

Franklin Graham needs to understand that in God’s kingdom there are a number of hermaphrodite animals. Sometimes a dominant male clown fish will even change its sex for the purpose of breeding.

Arthur and the show’s cartoon characters teach children about important family issues and to accept different personalities.

Graham would be well served to watch more PBS.

Mary Gaertner, Charlotte

Tax cuts work, just not overnight

Mike Talarico
Mike Talarico

In response to “Trump change would define away poverty,” (May 17 Opinion):

Op-ed columnist Gene Nichol may be a distinguished professor, but he is also obviously another left-wing Trump hater.

As any real economist will tell you, cutting taxes will bolster the economy, but it won’t happen overnight.

Nichol knows this, but hopes we don’t. So he sticks to the liberal “only the rich got a tax cut” line.

Mike Talarico, Matthews

I question Bishop’s legislative priorities

In response to “Bishop wins NC District 9 GOP primary to face Democrat McCready” (May 15):

With all the legitimate concerns and challenges we face as a state, now we have someone running for Congress who had nothing better to do when he was in the legislature than worry about which bathroom people use.

Dan Bishop’s “bathroom bill” made North Carolina the laughingstock of the country and cost us untold revenue.

Besides that, it distracted from issues that really affect most people.

This is the best we can do? Personally, I would like someone representing me in Congress who is concerned about the real issues that affect us day-to-day.

DeWitt Crosby, Charlotte

Enough already with ‘Marine’ Dan

Don Justice
Don Justice

Having served in the late ’60s as an officer in the U.S. Army, I appreciate the service of Dan McCready and all others who have volunteered to protect our country.

I am more than tired, however, of reading and hearing about McCready, the Marine, ad nauseam.

Having grown up near Camp Lejeune I’ve known many outstanding Marines who fit the image of the recruitment ads. I’ve also known more than a few who shouldn’t even have been allowed in the service.

If McCready was a highly-decorated combat veteran, then tell us about his accomplishments and accolades. If not, talk about the issues.

Don Justice, Charlotte

Biden’s 2005 vote hurt consumers

Why did Joe Biden vote for the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 which hurt so many average income people, particularly a few years later during the 2008 financial collapse?

This law made it much easier for companies to declare bankruptcy and much harder for individuals to do so.

The bill would have passed without Biden’s “Yea” vote. But I guess he had to show his support for the credit card companies and banks.

Scott Clifford, Charlotte

Using the Bible as cover for bigotry

Vice President Mike Pence recently stated at Liberty University “some of the loudest voices for tolerance today have little tolerance for traditional Christian beliefs.”

He is no different from Trump. Both engage in the same toxic swill of lies, fear-mongering, and self pity to incite their base and to push a divisive agenda.

What’s different today? People are speaking up against those who use the Bible as an invisibility cloak for their own bigotry.

As Pence hits the campaign trail for Sen. Thom Tillis, etc., I suggest his opening statement should be the GOP’s new slogan: It’s OK to prey as long as you pray.

Dot Meixler, Charlotte

Hard to believe, but I agree with Benzie

I had to blink my eyes and adjust my glasses Friday morning, as I found myself agreeing with almost every word printed in a letter from Dickie Benzie (“Watching our great nation crumble,” May 17 Forum)

I, too, feel our stress levels have continued to increase. I also find it sad that we “won’t be here much longer to see the downfall of this once great nation.”

And, it’s a shame that “no one on either side (will be) held accountable for anything.”

The minor difference is the perspective from which we have each reached this point of disgust and despondency. Perhaps this is where we will reach a mutual understanding of how to reverse these sad trends in what used to be a responsible government.

M’Lou Greene, Charlotte