Letters to the Editor

Government shouldn’t have a say about my body

My health care, my choice

Robert Cubbler
Robert Cubbler

There are many states deciding on laws concerning what people are allowed to do with their personal health care. To me, it has nothing to do with pro-life or pro-choice. It is about your own personal belief.

To me, it is about who should be making my health care decisions. Should my health care decisions be made by me in consultation with my doctors or by people in government? Personally, I want the government to stay out. I believe that people have the ability to make their own knowledgeable decisions.

Robert Cubbler, Matthews

You’re “pro-birth” not “pro-life”

The term “pro-life” should be replaced with “pro-birth.” Often, those who are “pro-life” advocate for the lives of unborn babies, but they do not advocate for the lives of refugees, minorities, the LBGTQ community, the impoverished or women. Universal health care, investment in education, compassion for refugees and legislation helping to prevent mass shootings should all be considered “pro-life.”

Unfortunately, many of those who are “pro-life” do not value these ideals. Until politicians and voters work just as hard to pass these bills as they do anti-abortion bills, it would be hypocritical to call them “pro-life” and not “pro-birth.”

Clare Broud, Charlotte

All life is precious? Act like it

In response to “5th migrant child dies after detention by US border agents” (May 20):

As I read of yet another child dying while in our country’s care at an immigration detention center, I cannot find any justification for anti-abortionist rhetoric. What do they mean when they say “all life is precious?” What measures are they taking to put their actions where they say their beliefs are?

We cannot go too far down the anti-abortion path without coming to terms with rhetoric versus reality.

Sandra Holyfield, Charlotte

Don’t go too far with free college

Free College? No. Free Education? Yes.

The difference is to provide free training for a multitude of skills that will help all our youth enhance their future money-making opportunities. Certificates and associate degrees are for skills learned like culinary, computer, welding, automotive, electrician and plumbing (to name a few), while college degrees are for additional general knowledge and enhanced skills.

Certificate, associate segrees and online college courses can be (and sometimes are) free. However, on-campus instruction with room and board, athletics and more provided services that are not training-related – the individual should pay for these extra services. The individual can pay directly or perhaps pay indirectly by fulfilling a government service-aligned activity within his or her major (similar to an internship, which provides added training).

Don Schonder, Charlotte

Immigrant issue should be solved

Watching various news reports on what is currently going on at our country's border, one can't help but be disgusted with Congress as well as the government in general. The immigration issue as it relates to our southern border is one that should have been addressed decades ago, but Congress has allowed it to escalate to the point of no return.

Rather than working together, members of Congress choose to use the problem as a political tool, putting the lives and well-being of immigrants as well as Americans at great risk. Billions of taxpayer dollars leave this country on an annual basis in the name of “foreign aid” with no accountability for results.

It's a disastrous dereliction of duty on the part of our duly elected representatives. The financial and human cost is immeasurable by this point in time.

Marie Wilkinson, Charlotte

Those who follow the Bible aren’t bigots

In response to “Using the Bible as cover for bigotry” (May 20 Forum):

Tom Creech
Tom Creech

I highly disagree with Dot Meixler's comments about Vice President Mike Pence, when she states "Both (Pence and Trump) engage in the same toxic swill of lies, fear-mongering and self pity to incite their base and push a divisive agenda" and speaking up "against those who use the Bible as an invisibility cloak for their own bigotry."

Liberals either don't believe the Bible or deny that it says what it says about sexual sins such as homosexuality and transgenderism. Disagreement with the Bible's tenets doesn't give them the right to call those who do believe the Bible and try to obey its teachings as bigots or worse. In my opinion, liberals can be just as bigoted as those they claim to be bigoted.

Tom Creech, Charlotte