Letters to the Editor

Charlotte needs a better mix on housing. Look to other cities.

Zoning: Other cities are getting it right

Dale W. Saville 2017
Dale W. Saville

In response to “The racist roots of single-family zoning” (May 24 Opinion):

Op-ed writer Mary Newsom identified a solution to multiple issues facing Charlotte and the resistance that will rise against it.

My wife and I lived in Tampa and Portland, where retail, multi- and single-family housing co-existed – not by design, but through evolution. Those are charming, diverse neighborhoods.

Charlotte might look at other cities before we cry “There goes the neighborhood.”

Dale W. Saville, Charlotte

Push to impeach Trump must end

Barry Marshall

While America is crying out for positive action on infrastructure, budget deficits, illegal immigration, healthcare, tariff disputes and nuclear threats, Washington seems focused on finding ways to invalidate the 2016 election, reinterpret the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, and gloss over possible FBI abuses while focusing on the impeachment of Donald Trump.

This is no longer politics, but a gruesome bloodletting.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Misinformation on tariffs frustrates me

Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson

As noted in “Amid trade war, Trump pledges $16 billion for farmers” (May 24), the president consistently repeats that China is paying the tariffs.

Each time, his claim is refuted by economists who note U.S. importers are paying the tariffs and pass most of the added cost to consumers.

Federal Reserve economists say the latest round of tariff hikes will cost the typical U.S. household $831 a year.

Tariffs are an unwieldy tool to deploy, but continually lying about their impact is poor stewardship. We deserve the truth from our leaders, regardless of what party they claim.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

I view Pence’s take on economy with caution

Vice President Mike Pence’s N.C. tour touting the economy should be viewed with caution.

He said “the economy is roaring.” Republicans focus on the positive economy, but don’t mention that the deficit as a percentage of GDP is the greatest of any president during a period of economic expansion.

Trump promised to decrease the deficit, but it is roaring.

Trade policies and tariffs benefit some industries but cause severe harm to others.

Gastonia-based Parkdale Mills has adapted to markets, incorporated technology and strategically focused on becoming a world leader in spun yarn. With plants in the U.S., Mexico, and Central and South America, it has a vested interest in the proposed USMCA trade deal.

Let’s hope the USMCA deal is positive.

John Anderson, Belmont

Debt forgiveness isn’t an entitlement

I take great exception to the May 22 “Billionaires making an impact” editorial cartoon.

Kudos to Robert Smith for his grand gesture of paying off 400 student loans. His choice! His money!

A noble thing? Perhaps. Or perhaps it creates a false hope for future graduates.

To imply Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is making a negative impact by denying loan forgiveness is ludicrous. Students should be held accountable for the debt they incur, especially when it involves taxpayer money.

A free college education is not an entitlement, not yet anyway.

Ken May, Charlotte

House is doing its duty - and legislating

In response to “Democrats, get back to work on issues” (May 19 Forum):

This Forum writer should have checked GovTrack.us. The U.S. House has introduced 111 bills and passed quite a few, most of which are sitting in the Senate awaiting action.

The House has oversight duties, which it is trying to fulfill – while still legislating.

Rosalie Spaniel, Charlotte

Better scooter regulations needed

Is it going to take scooters riders getting killed or injured before we have some decent regulations regarding them?

Wednesday I was in the county/court parking deck and there were scooter riders in the deck riding the wrong way and acting like the in and out ramps were their own personal playground.

This is dangerous both to the drivers of vehicles and the scooter riders.

Further, they act like the sidewalks are their personal race course. I have no personal problem with scooters, but riders need to be respectful of others.

Deborah Hemenway, Charlotte

Remember to thank US service members

With all retailers everywhere advertising Memorial Day weekend sales, let us all be reminded to recognize our service members alive and dead and thank them for defending the greatest country in the world to make these things possible.

Steve Lamb, Charlotte