Letters to the Editor

Back off and you’ll see Trump do extraordinary things

Trump will do great things if you let him

In response to “Pelosi doubts Trump’s fitness; he calls her crazy” (May 24) and related articles:

The Speaker of The House says she will pray for our president, but she should be calling on her creator to forgive her for her fabricated stories.

She is so intoxicated with hatred that she can’t keep her thoughts straight, as shown in her news conference Thursday.

Our president will accomplish extraordinary things with some help and less resistance.

It’s amazing what he has done with little or no help from the Democrats. We should appreciate those who keep their promises!

Harmon James, Denver, NC

Cannon’s morals, track record matter

Arthur Selby 2018
Arthur Selby

In response to Our View “A second chance for Patrick Cannon?” (May 23 Editorial):

Hurrah for the Observer for reminding all those many people with very short memories that Patrick Cannon is a convicted felon and that he did not do well on his last try as mayor.

It makes no difference that he is an African-American or that he is a Democrat. It’s his integrity, morals and his track record over many years that matters.

Yet, some in the African-American community, including the NAACP, think he is their gift to the city and should be allowed to besmirch the city’s name again. No thank you.

Arthur Selby, Mint Hill

Tepper is ultra-rich. Why give him money?

Bill Lane 2018
Bill Lane

In response to “Tepper makes money moves” (May 24) and related articles:

David Tepper is worth about $11.6 billion. He bought the Panthers for about $2.2 billion. He sold his stake in the Steelers for more than $122 million.

South Carolina gives him, the Panthers, a $115 million tax break to relocate a practice field to South Carolina.

Why do states and towns fall all over themselves to give away money to millionaires? Maybe I should move my consulting business to South Carolina.

Bill Lane, Polkville

Soon Panthers will return SC love

Ray Brayboy

Even though I relocated to the Palmetto state five years ago, I maintain close ties to the Tar Heel state.

It is extremely gratifying to learn that David Tepper’s vision for the Carolina Panthers organization will include substantial economic-related commitments and additional regional exposure for my new home state.

During my brief time living here, I’ve learned that a clear majority of our citizens love and strongly embrace the Panthers.

On the other hand, I must admit there are those who persist in perceiving us as proverbial Panther “red-headed step-children” in need of more geographical legitimacy.

Thanks to recent proactive and visionary efforts put forth by Tepper and Palmetto state leaders, that perception should soon be put to rest.

Ray Brayboy, Myrtle Beach

Painting pro-lifers with a broad brush

Concerning the recent letters advocating the “right to choose”:

Some Forum writers shout hypocrisy when “right to life” people don’t speak out against separating families at the border and are for the death penalty and against gun control, etc.

That’s a broad brush.

Do you write all this to divert attention from the slaughter of babies?

One Forum writer said we should call ourselves pro-birth. Fine. You take up the slogan “Death before birth by choice.”

Mark Costello, Matthews

Lower taxes, revved up economy? Not NC

North Carolina’s legislative majority was elected on themes of lower taxes, smaller government, and a resulting supercharged economy.

Personal income taxes are lower but disproportionately favor higher incomes.

A significant portion of the tax reduction for lower incomes is offset by lost tax credits and new usage taxes, I-77 tolls being only one of dozens.

Corporate taxes are dramatically lower, but with no super-charging effect. Companies are not lined up to relocate here and manufacturing is as dead as ever.

Sadly, the only evidence of small government is the small, unimaginative and misleading themes it pursues.

Renard Burris, Charlotte

It takes a village; my daughter gets that

Well, my “save-the-world” daughter was on her way to work recently.

She stops three high school students going in the opposite direction of the school and preaches to them about education and getting involved with the wrong element.

Then, she tells them to “get their butts to school.”

It’s worth mentioning that my daughter is raising two daughters (one in her sophomore year of college), has returned to college herself, and volunteers whenever available. And, she still takes time out to show concern for others.

It takes a village.

Victoria Greene, Charlotte