Letters to the Editor

The public was left in the dark during budget discussions

No support for the CMS budget?

In response to “Emails show Mecklenburg commissioners discussed budget in private. Did they break the law?” (May 28):

The problem with email and telephone discussions between members of the county commission to settle on a budget, even for a straw vote, is that the public is left in the dark about what our representatives support and put priorities on. Two days of debate on the budget had been scheduled. If there was debate, it was “behind the scenes” as one commissioner suggested.

At the county budget hearings, it was very evident the public wanted more money for the schools. Yet no changes were made in the proposed CMS budget allocation for which commissioners voted 8-1 in their straw vote. Does that mean no commissioners agreed with the public and did not advocate for more money for the schools as promised during their election campaigns?

If they did, the public doesn’t know it.

Lucille Howard, Charlotte

ICE is misleading about immigrants

In response to “Inmate was released from Mecklenburg jail despite ICE detainer. He ended up in standoff.” (May 24):

ICE is using misleading arguments and harmful, false narratives about immigrants to discredit the will of Mecklenburg County voters, who made it clear that they don’t want our sheriff spending local resources to carry out the Trump administration's deportation agenda.

When ICE asks sheriffs to hold someone in jail after that person has been released on bond, it is not because that person poses a safety risk. It is because of their immigration status.

Keeping someone in jail who is otherwise eligible for release so that ICE can place them in deportation proceedings can violate the rule of law and does nothing to make our communities safer. Voters should not be fooled by ICE’s scare tactics.

Stefania Arteaga, Charlotte

Sheriff McFadden is a risk to us all

We are now seeing the risk of Sheriff Garry McFadden's refusal to enforce federal immigration law. He is thumbing his nose at federal authority and placing all citizens at risk. Additionally, his actions forced the the city to deploy multiple officers, including SWAT, at a heavy cost to arrest this illegal immigrant. How many times will others be left to clean up his mess?

McFaddens's arrogance is placing legal citizens at risk. He needs to be corralled now and reminded of the oath of office he is sworn to uphold. Shame on him and the citizens who put him into office for his defiance and refusal to enforce federal immigration law.

Jay Lewis, Davidson

Trump has proven to be dangerous

In response to “Push to impeach Trump must end” (May 27 Forum):

Jim Cunningham
Jim Cunningham

Forum writer Barry Marshall states, among other things, that the push toward impeachment is an attempt to invalidate the 2016 election. No, it's all about, and only about, what Trump has done since he took office.

I was willing to give him a chance, thinking that surely he would grow into the role of president. Sadly, he has not. He has obviously tried to obstruct justice, and continues to do so. It feels like he lies to the American people every day, is insulting, arrogant and (I truly believe) is not really that smart. He has tried over and over again to subvert the oversight responsibilities of Congress.

He is dangerous and is doing his best to turn our democracy into a dictatorship. Judge him by his actions, not by what he says!

Jim Cunningham, Charlotte

No president present for Memorial Day?

Dave Smith
Dave Smith

So, let me get this straight. The president of the United States was in Japan “honoring the emperor” while the memory of thousands of American service men and women, who gave their lives less than eighty years ago fighting Japan and its emperor, had no presidential presence on Memorial Day?

That doesn’t seem right to me.

Dave Smith, Fort Mill

Memorial Day isn’t a happy day

Another Memorial Day has come and gone, which for many Americans meant time off work, parties and shopping. President Trump said "Happy Memorial Day" this year in Japan. But is the joyful word “happy” the right thing to say? Memorial Day is meant to pay tribute to those military personnel who died while serving. Thus, carrying a somber tone.

Next year, let’s pause to remember those that sacrificed to give the freedoms you are enjoying. Commemorate the occasion during your BBQ and openly say thank you with your guests. Don’t say “Happy Memorial Day” but replace it with “I hope you enjoy your weekend but I hope you pause to remember.”

Keith Brann, Fort Mill