Letters to the Editor

Legal gun ownership should be part of the discussion now

Guns are more dangerous than cars

In response to “12 people killed in Virginia Beach shooting; suspect dead” (May 31):

Another legal gun owner carries out another mass shooting, but legal gun ownership should not be part of the discussion when gun related deaths now exceed deaths from car accidents?

As a society, we accept that the public good justifies requiring annual registration, drivers licenses that renew, liability insurance and inspections. I am not suggesting gun ownership be prohibited, but it is past time for the ongoing responsibilities of gun ownership to be on the table for discussion.

Gun ownership is not a purely private matter any more than owning and operating a vehicle is.

David Basri, Van Wyck, SC

It’s a struggle to live here now

In response to “The speech Vi Lyles should give to the RNC” (May 26 Editorial):

I hope the Chamber of Commerce wrote you a nice check for this very flowery editorial. In all your glamorizing of the attributes of Charlotte, it conflicts with the fact that a lot of folks can’t afford to live here.

Lest we forget the problems, a lot of our formerly desireable places to live now have problems they can’t deal with. You forgot to mention all the litter among the glitter and the fact that the east side has been neglected for years.

I no longer feel the community spirit where I’ve lived since 1971, and there is little we can do about it. Over diversity is a neighborhood killer.

Robert Alston, Charlotte

Some kids will have lives that are hard

In response to “Pro-life should be more than pro-birth” (May 29 Opinion):

Pro-lifers want every baby conceived to be born, but what kind of life will some face? Families with too many children already, an abusive situation in the home, a single mom needing all her income to eat and pay rent, no health insurance to pay for prenatal care? She’ll have to rely on assistance as her job(s) can’t cover day care and all the other additional expenses. If her earnings increase, her benefits decrease.

Adoption isn’t always an option when mom first holds that precious baby in her arms and loves it more than herself. Please think of this the next time someone is maligned for using food stamps at the store. Maybe the woman is able to face this future of hardship, but the child has no choice.

Regina Eger, Mooresville

State better take care of these kids

Certainly affluent women in states with new extremely restrictive abortion policies will likely experience the changes as only an inconvenience since they have the resources to travel for a legal abortion elsewhere. However, women in financially precarious positions will have to choose between “backroom” options or hefty new healthcare costs, often with lost wages.

So restrictive abortion legislators, now what? Will health coverage, meals and more for each child not aborted be provided? Will states compel financial support from the male sperm donors of the “fetuses saved”? The state asserting its rights over the rights of the woman carrying the fetus makes the state responsible for that child.

Shirley Goodman Anderson, Charlotte

Support Trump? You’re not American

Michael L. Ham
Michael L. Ham

If you support a man who is fine with committing sexual assault and adultery, who says members of the KKK and neo-nazi groups are good people and who gleefully separates mothers and children, then don’t try to claim that you believe in morality.

If you support a man who has told more than 10,000 verifiable lies in less than three years, then don’t try to claim that you believe the truth is important.

If you support a man who praises our enemies as if they were his lovers and belittles our friends as if they are our enemies, then don’t try to claim that you believe in democracy and America.

Michael L. Ham, Matthews

Current politics are too scary

In response to “The confusing and dangerous politics of anti-Semitism” (May 31 Opinion):

Anti-Semitism began well before President Trump took office, especially at many liberal college campuses. It was expanded by the UN resolution condemning Israel that was passed before President Trump took office. It could have even been vetoed by the previous administration.

It is true Rep. Omar’s statements were an example of anti-Semitism; however, far more concerning as a Jew was that not one Democratic presidential candidate denounced her statements. She was also allowed to stay on the important House Foreign Affairs Committee. To me, this type of politics is not confusing, but it is scary.

Mike Van Glish, Charlotte