Letters to the Editor

We will help preserve the Excelsior Club

We are committed to club preservation

In response to “Excelsior Club named one of most endangered places in US. Is this enough to save it?” (May 30):

The writer is President and CEO of the Foundation For The Carolinas:

No one believes more in preserving local historic landmarks, such as the Excelsior Club, than the Foundation For The Carolinas. That’s why we’ve undertaken the renovation of the Carolina Theatre, adjacent to our headquarters. It’s also why the Foundation was the first, as we understand, to step forward months ago with a financial gift in support of preserving the Excelsior Club, as known by the County Commission, Historic Landmarks Commission and other community leaders.

While our work is often publicized, the Foundation also frequently leads behind the scenes on important community issues. This is one example. We remain committed to being a part of the fundraising effort to preserve and restore the historic Excelsior Club for all Charlotteans.

Michael Marsicano, Charlotte

Be on the right side of history, NC

The author is a member of the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic:

While many states are using legislation to sledgehammer a woman's right to make reproductive health decisions with her doctor, Charlotte is opening a newly equipped Planned Parenthood Health and Education Center that will offer abortions and many other services. But Planned Parenthood South Atlantic’s effort to provide quality care and offer an important option in our city is not enough.

There is a heated tug-of-war in the N.C. legislature over a proposed “born alive” bill. It is no surprise that eight of the nine states that recently enacted harsh anti-abortion legislation (Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, Utah and Louisiana) were also states that proudly practiced and protected ownership of human beings as slaves.

North Carolina, let’s be on the right side of history this time!

Kama Pierce, Matthews

Don’t give rights away for safety

In response to “Guns are more dangerous than cars” (June 3 Forum):

Kenneth Kyzer
Kenneth Kyzer

Watching traffic in the Charlotte area, I would argue that licensing and registration is a failure. The authorities do very little about the abuse of traffic laws. Yes, the Virginia shooter was a legal owner, but the bulk of such shooters are not. Furthermore, it is proof that background checks do not reveal everything. No investigation, no matter how complete, can discover facts not yet documented.

As a responsible gun owner, I have no problem with background checks or purchase permits, but the draconian the left wants is too much. Some Americans are far too quick to suggest giving away rights for safety.

Kenneth Kyzer, Charlotte

The NRA owns our government

I've had it with the "thoughts and prayers" and "now is not the time" mentality. Stop covering up your legislative failures of a mounting crisis by rationalizing it away with dishonest interpretations of the 2nd Amendment wrapped in freedom and American flags. We know the NRA has bought the government and controls it. Your oath isn't to cash, is it? Innocents are dying because of the government’s failures.

If you are going to falsely insist that the unchecked ownership of more weaponry and silencers is the epitome of freedom or were prescribed by our 18th century Founders for militias that no longer exist, then I have a challenge for you. Revamp your hypocritical laws so that you'll face the same gun threats that rest of the U.S. faces in their workplaces.

Chip Potts, Mooresville

Trump is the best since Reagan

In response to “Support Trump? You’re not American” (June 3 Forum):

The country is booming and Donald Trump is the best president since Ronald Reagan.

He cut taxes, is building the wall and will fix the trade unfairness with China and Mexico. All of us “deplorables” love our president and just got tired of the RINO Republican establishment sending us candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney.

We’re all in with our president and are going to make America great again.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Give coaches more to do in CMS

In response to “Does CMS have a problem retaining elite football coaches?” (May 30):

I am puzzled by the thinking that it is better for Coach Brand to teach any classes. If CMS wanted to retain him and other such winners, one way is to allow him and others to be athletic directors. In my experience in education, being an AD is more demanding than teaching.

Roger Barbee, Mooresville