Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.05.15

Bill Jefferson
Bill Jefferson

In response to “Hub for day laborers faces another eviction” (June 1):

Churches, step up and help laborers

There have got to be hundreds of churches here that go empty six days a week. I’d love to see that empty space put to good use.

I’m talking to you church leaders out there.

The day laborers are harmless folks looking for work. Donate your parking lots, and perhaps even the unused air-conditioned sanctuaries, to these folks.

This could start a trend.

Bill Jefferson


In response to “Power plants’ neighbors still living on bottled water” (May 30):

No more excuses from Duke Energy; clean up ash now

Duke Energy’s response to folks living near power plants with coal ash ponds is shameful.

How can a company with the intellect to build and manage complex facilities give so little thought to what happens to its waste products?

Duke’s spokeswoman continues to deny that the leeching ash has poisoned nearby residents’ wells. Its “good neighbor” policy has a long way to go to make friends.

Removal of all the ash from the Allen power plant, as well as Duke’s other 31 ponds, can’t come soon enough.

No more excuses!

George Burazer


In response to Eric Frazier “Wall St. fraud vs. Main St. fraud” (May 31 Opinion):

Federal government primary culprit in Great Recession

Actually, Eric Frazier is the one who “doesn’t get it” on who was primarily responsible for the Great Recession.

The federal government was the primary culprit, aggressively encouraging the issuance of subprime mortgages to people who could not afford them.

The Federal Reserve Board did not help with its seemingly perpetual easy-money policies.

Of course, the fact that we all thought the price of homes would go up forever was the root cause.

Yes, we have always had, and will continue to have, economic cycles in spite of, or because of, government intervention.

Donn Toney


Still waiting for lawbreakerson Wall Street to face justice

Eric Frazier is correct. Our justice system seems to favor the rich.

But until the lawbreakers in banks and on Wall Street “wear orange,” they will continue to break the law and taxpayers will have to bail them out.

Robert D. Culbertson


In response to Our View “Graham makes 15, and that’s OK” (June 3 Editorial):

Election is 17 months out and I can’t wait for it to be over

The election of a president to lead this great nation should be an anxiously anticipated event where we look forward to the democratic process of selecting our next leader.

Instead, it has become a long, drawn-out process with nonstop, heavily biased news reporting and a continuous stream of attack ads.

We now look forward to that day in November as the day when the news stories are different and the barrage of political ads ceases.

Yes, I will vote in every election, and I give thanks every day for my DVR which allows me to fast-forward through the ads.

Alden Segrest

Denver, N.C.

Ted Cruz a hypocrite when it comes to federal disaster relief

I see that Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is asking the federal government for help due to the massive destruction brought about by the recent flooding.

I believe this hypocrite is the same Ted Cruz who when voting against help for the people in the states ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, said the relief bill contained “pork” and “wasteful” spending.

Joseph Pepe


In response to “$103 million Cam” (June 3):

Here’s hoping Cam does some real good with extra millions

Dear Cam,

Imagine what it would be like to play football for “only” $10 or 12 million and give the rest to some schools in need.

Wouldn’t the game be sweeter?

Barbara Ziegler