Letters to the Editor

Budget transparency isn’t a race issue, George Dunlap

Budget transparency isn’t a race issue

In response to “County chairman says budget talks didn’t violate state law, accuses media of racism” (June 4):

Bill Wallace
Bill Wallace

George Dunlap does himself no favors by pulling the race card when he is challenged. Being questioned on the appropriateness of email conversations discussing budget changes is not a race issue. It is assuring the rules of open discussion are being followed and that is what democracy is meant to be.

Pulling the race card over this question is blatant racism.

Bill Wallace, Charlotte

Dunlap owes the public better

Poor George Dunlap. Like a boxer realizing he has been pushed into the ring corner, he comes out swinging with his race card. Come on, George, did you let possible latent feelings of racism blur potential self-realization that perhaps your actions were not correct?

As a senior leader of this community, you are obligated to give us a better response. Also, will your response impede diversity efforts ongoing in the public and private workplaces? Who wants to experience the race card when polemic topics are on the table and difficult decisions have to be made?

Duncan Morton Jr., Charlotte

Cover other health services, as well

In response to “‘Abortion care hangs by a thread,’ Planned Parenthood head says as new clinic opens” (June 4):

Your coverage of the new Planned Parenthood health center in Charlotte focuses obsessively on the introduction of abortion services. These services are critical but they are part of a broad mission of comprehensive, affordable health care and education that will make our city healthier and stronger.

What would it take to cover that?

Ruth Mayer, Charlotte

Guns and cars aren’t the same

In response to “Guns are more dangerous than cars” (June 3 Forum):

I agree with Forum writer David Basri's intent on firearms. There should be a full background check. A limit on gun capacity and high capacity magazines and no automatic firearms should be rule of law. The right to own/possess should be revoked for any crime deemed violent or leading to violence, as well as mental instability diagnosed by a doctor.

The issue I have is how he relates it to drivers licenses. Mine is for eight years. My permit is five and then the sheriff vets me again. I only take an eye test to drive! A drivers license is a state privilege, while owning a fire arm is a constitutional right. Apples and oranges, but his intent is spot on!

Dan Cecconi, Concord

Can we get 21st century gun laws?

The marches do not work, the tearful pleas and prayers have not moved the GOP to protect citizens from gun violence and demands for reform have fallen on deaf ears. How many more people have to die while the Republicans and NRA depend on “the good guys with a gun to rise and stop the bad guys with a gun”?

Will the right ever stop pandering to the NRA and step up to stop this unfettered access to guns and enact 21st century gun laws?

Rick Foster, Denver

Trump can’t make America great

In response to “Trump is the best since Reagan” (June 4 Forum):

It must be easy for the golden idol that is President Trump to attract followers who believe that Mexico will pay for the wall and that China (not American consumers) is bearing the cost of the tariffs.

America cannot be made great by locking children up in cages, by getting cozy with brutal dictators like Kim Jong-Un, by lying to the people and by a continuous assault on the very institutions that have preserved our democracy since it was first given birth.

Barry Jordan, Charlotte

Charlotte, protect our urban parks

In response to “County approved big uptown redevelopment 3 years ago. Now some leaders want out.” (May 31):

Mark Erwin
Mark Erwin

Bravo to our County commissioners for their stand against the reduction of the precious park lands in the city center. Marshall Park is a treasure in a growing, vibrant city. When the land around this park becomes apartments and pedestrian friendly, the park will become the jewel in the crown.

The very idea of shrinking this urban parkland by nearly half is a counter to every concept of great urban planning or long range thinking. I urge the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to preserve and protect our irreplaceable open spaces and parks.

Mark Erwin, Charlotte