Letters to the Editor

Meck’s 9.1 percent spending increase is an outrage

Outraged over Meck spending increase

In response to “Higher Meck property taxes to boost teacher pay, parks” (June 6):

The number that all Mecklenburg residents should be outraged about in the new county budget is the 9.1 percent increase in spending over last year.

Are you kidding me? Who increases their spending from year to year by 9.1 percent?

This area is booming with new businesses, new homes, people moving in with cars, all of which increase the money flowing into the county with new taxes. There was no need to raise property taxes as much as they did.

Democrats love spending our money.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

Want to save babies? Expand Medicaid

In response to “NC House fails to override Cooper’s veto of abortion bill” (June 6):

Joel B. Miller
Joel Miller

Republicans in the N.C. legislature made a big political show over a bill requiring physicians to make every effort to “save” the extremely rare fetus born alive in a late pregnancy termination.

A large percentage of late terminations are due to severe fetal anomalies, many of which are incompatible with life. Nonetheless, as an obstetrician, I could have been jailed for not administering life-saving care to such fetuses.

Thanks to Gov. Cooper’s veto and 53 sensible House members, the bill won’t become law.

Legislators, if you have a sincere desire to save babies lives, the best thing you can do is expand Medicaid.

Wake up, N.C. legislature! Stop playing political games and help the people of North Carolina.

Joel Miller, Hickory

The truth about mass shooters, their guns

In response to “Don’t give rights away for safety,” (June 5 Forum):

I take issue with this Forum writer’s comment that “Yes, the Virginia shooter was a legal owner, but the bulk of such shooters are not.”

I gather that the writer is referring to mass shooters. According to a study by Mother Jones magazine, from 1982 until November 2018, 74 percent of mass shooters (defined as four or more people being killed) obtained their guns legally.

Among the remaining 26 percent, guns were purchased illegally in four cases and stolen in three.

Barry Stokes, Salisbury

Selective memory loss on the left

In response to “Support Trump? You’re not American” (June 3 Forum):

I'm entertained every time the mention of Trump makes the left cry out in faux moral outrage, apparently causing selective memory loss.

Committed adultery? Bill Clinton, John and Ted Kennedy?

Said “members of the KKK and neo-nazi groups are good people”? Absolutely false! He made it perfectly clear he was talking about people there opposed to erasing our history by tearing down statues. He condemned both extremes.

Please, do rage against the machine, but do not do it selectively.

Bruce Bunder, Charlotte

Trump successes? Not how I see it

Forum writer Jim Cherry is right. His president has accomplished a lot. (“Trump is the best since Reagan,” June 5 Forum)

However, he left out some of his major “successes,” such as ensuring our allies no longer trust us, purging his cabinet of reasonable people and replacing them with incompetent sycophants, and imposing tariffs that are tax hikes on most consumers.

His administration has successfully destroyed the families of asylum seekers and put children in cages.

But by far his greatest feat is that he has convinced Cherry and others that John McCain, Robert Mueller, Mitt Romney and many other respected Republicans are all wrong. That is truly amazing to me.

Jack Matthews, Charlotte

Thanks for the toll lanes; they’re great

Thank you Cintra for toll lanes!

Without the toll lanes there was no immediate solution for the nightmare on I-77.

Of course the anti-toll group and divisive Cornelius commissioners Dave Gilroy and Kurt Naas will continue to complain about the 50-year contract, as though they had a better idea.

Please note that their Republican Party controlled the legislature when the toll lanes were approved.

Larry Boppe, Cornelius

Being an AD is challenging

In response to “Does CMS have a problem retaining elite football coaches?” (May 30):

I am puzzled by the thinking that it is better for Coach Brand not to teach any classes, but if CMS wanted to retain him and other such winners, one way is to allow him and other to be athletic directors. In my experience of 40 years in education, being an AD is more demanding than teaching classes.

Roger Barbee, Mooresville


A previous version of the letter above ran on June 5, but an editing error changed the writer’s intent.