Letters to the Editor

Meck sheriff’s immigration enforcement policy is flawed

McFadden must rethink his ICE policy

In response to “Mecklenburg sheriff blasts ICE in fallout over detainers, suspect” (June 6):

Mecklenburg sheriff Garry McFadden is a human, and humans make mistakes.

When campaigning for office, he believed his position relative to immigration enforcement was correct. But as several instances have shown, it is a flawed policy.

The sheriff should admit he erred and change what the sheriff’s office is currently doing in this area.

If he voluntarily won’t take such action, then other leaders in government must “step to the plate” and alter this current practice, which has adversely affected Charlotte and Mecklenburg County citizens.

John Mangieri, Charlotte

Charlotte needs Planned Parenthood

Lorraine Stark 2015
Lorraine Stark

In response to “Planned Parenthood chief says ‘abortion hangs by a thread’  ” (June 5):

With recent laws being passed denying woman access to abortion, Planned Parenthood’s uptown clinic will be a relief to have in Charlotte.

It offers woman and families a place to be taken care of without scrutiny.

Abortion is available at Planned Parenthood. That is not its sole purpose. Birth control, family planning, sex education and cancer screening are offered on a sliding scale.

Planned Parenthood remains because of Roe v. Wade. Without this institution, women will suffer the consequences of not having their choices.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Meck board chair Dunlap needs to go

Steve Monroe
Steve Monroe

In response to “County chairman says budget talks didn’t violate state law, accuses media of racism” (June 5):

Following revelations of Mecklenburg Commissioners Chair George Dunlap’s behind-the-scenes shenanigans and his subsequent shameful and baseless accusations of racism, how can Mecklenburg residents ever trust anything he says?

An embarrassing example of arrogance and entitlement. George should go.

Steve Monroe, Charlotte

Glad to see Cotham stand strong

As a Charlotte resident of 66 years, I have heard many disagreements between Mecklenburg County commissioners.

Never have I heard the shocking verbal abuse Commissioner George Dunlap levied at Commissioner Pat Cotham at last Tuesday’s county board meeting. Even more shocking was other commissioners sitting mute while this tirade continued.

Thank you, Pat Cotham, for standing up for your principles – and for the people of Charlotte-Mecklenburg. You go, girl!

Trudie Crigler, Charlotte

Give black D-Day soldiers their due

Everybody was remembering D-Day last week.

This is how the Observer honors its black veterans, by putting this story on page 10 of 14: “Remembering D-Day: Black troops were fighting Nazi Germany and racism,” (June 5).

Rebecca Santana’s extensive piece on on black troops fighting Nazi Germany and racism was worthy of the front page. But not to those who run the Observer.

Our effort is never good enough.

Charles Beatty, Charlotte

Sad and sick with worry over Trump

Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell

I cannot help feeling like weeping when I read letters extolling our current president.

In the middle of the night, during an important visit to England, as is his way, he was tweeting about an actress he said was a “washed up psycho.”

Is this how we want our country to be looked upon by a centuries-old ally?

Our economy is not booming for all and even the GOP Senate doesn’t seem to favor tariffs as threats.

I am sad and sick with worry about our country’s future.

Shannon Mitchell, Charlotte

Economic future looks bleak for many

The 2020 cost of living adjustment for Social Security is expected to be about 1.8 percent, yet our our electric rates are going up and Piedmont Natural Gas is positioning for an 8 to 10 percent increase.

Gas for car is expected to hit $3 per gallon next year.

I’m a disabled veteran and with the recent revaluation the tax value of my house went from $235,00 to $285,000, causing my taxes to increase disproportionately.

They will jump from $2,515 to $3,116.

When and where does it end? The families of America are overwhelmed and many of our elderly and disabled will soon be on the street.

What is happening? Someone, somewhere needs to wake up. Society is broken.

Douglas Sherrow, Mint Hill