Letters to the Editor

Trump strikes fear into Washington elites

It is time to set some term limits

It’s time to stop the charade. The only reason the elites in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans, are so against President Trump has nothing to do with his policies nor “the wall.” It is simply fear.

They are scared to death that, if he succeeds, the voting public will realize that this country doesn’t need career politicians to be in control. They know their days are numbered when folks realize that politicians, serving for life, have cost this country dearly.

It’s time for terms limits. Four years max.

Charles Harper, Pawleys Island, SC

Trump’s done a great job with Mexico

In response to “Trump still hangs tariff threat over Mexico despite deal” (June 9):

Tripp Cherry
Tripp Cherry

I don’t know many people that thought Donald Trump’s threat of tariffs would be successful with Mexico.

Everyone in the media sits on the edge of their seats every waking hour waiting for him to say something wrong or make a mistake so they can pounce on him. It would be nice for some of these same people to give the man his due when he accomplishes a great win for our country like he just did with Mexico.

Tripp Cherry, Matthews

Charlotte is full of greedy developers

In response to “Ballantyne revamp ‘long overdue’ as it seeks to attract big companies and millennials” (June 10):

So another golf course goes by the wayside! Who cares about any open green spaces? We need more shopping and apartments to fill the greedy developer pockets.

My family moved here 20 years ago to enjoy the open spaces and less congestion. Well, that is all just about gone now. Why don’t the folks who are moving here and want all these apartments, congested roads and shopping centers just stay where they are? The Charlotte area used to be a nice place to live, but not anymore!

Walt David, Waxhaw

Charlotte’s natural beauty is gone

Judy Hartley
Judy Hartley

When Smoky Bissell sold the Ballantyne Business Park several years ago, I suspected the beautiful golf course would be on the chopping block. In this town, greed seems to be the buzz word and not quality of life.

The recent Waverly project brought more traffic, not more walkers, to the Providence and Ardrey Kell areas. In an attempt to be the biggest and best, our city leaders seem to be forgetting that natural green spaces were Charlotte’s biggest attraction. But land doesn’t pay taxes, buildings do. There are still some of us who prefer grass to cement and space to close quarters.

Judy Hartley, Charlotte

Too much growth helped the flooding

In response to “Floods ravage dozens of homes in Mecklenburg, emergency declared in Caldwell, Catawba” (June 10):

The ongoing, unprecedented flooding along the Catawba River is the result of the ongoing, unprecedented development all over our region.

Each house, driveway, parking lot, self-storage facility and cheesy strip mall puts impermeable surfaces where once there was land that could absorb rain water.Now, it runs off into the river, which is simply unable to handle the volume. Isn’t enough, enough? Growth for growth’s sake comes at a great cost.

D. Mark Perkins, Belmont

City brand? That’s easy for Charlotte!

In response to “Regional Business alliance CEO says Charlotte needs a brand” (June 8):

Jim Beatty
Jim beatty JEFF WILLHELM jwillhelm@charlotteobserver.com

I read with great interest the suggestion of a new brand identity for Charlotte. I have to admit, however, I really did not know that we presently have a brand slogan. In my opinion though, we can build on that by expanding on “The Queen City.”

The name “the Carolinas” relates to King Charles and the land grants. Plus, his wife, Queen Charlotte, was of the House of Mecklenburg. At our airport, we already have a statue of the queen to welcome visitors. So, on the road leading into Charlotte, we could change the wording to “Welcome To The Queen City.” Additionally, on our street poles lighting the uptown area, we could top them off with crowns!

I think there is a lot that can be done to brag about our heritage that no other city can match!

Jim Beatty, Charlotte

Correction: A letter in Tuesday’s Forum incorrectly identified Jay Ambrose as a Forum writer. Ambrose is an op-ed columnist.