Letters to the Editor

Let’s clarify a few things about Sheriff McFadden and ICE

McFadden is doing everything correctly

In response to “Bishop calls for Mecklenburg sheriff to resign, challenges McCready to do the same” (June 11):

The writer is a retired Sheriff of Union County.

Those critical of Sheriff Garry McFadden and his relationship with ICE need to understand a few things.

First, an ICE detainer does not give a sheriff the legal authority to hold someone in jail. That requires a Detention Order signed by a state judicial official. Second, of the 3,100 sheriffs across the country, only 77 participate in the 287(g) program, and in NC, four out of 100 do so. It’s so vital to public safety, you wonder why there is not more participation? Third, comprehensive studies of the program show there are no appreciable differences in the crime rates of counties that participate and counties that do not.

Now, if Sen. Bishop is so anxious to run the sheriff’s office, I suggest he run for that position in 2022. For now, he needs to concentrate on his current campaign.

Frank McGuirt, Wingate

Find balance with healthcare

In response to “The governor should get louder on Medicaid expansion” (June 11):

This issue is about finding a balance between access to healthcare coverage and fiscal responsibility. Carte blanche expansion opens the state to massive unpredictable increases in state spending. There have been past years where Medicaid in N.C. overran its budget by hundreds of millions of dollars. You cannot responsibly manage the state that way.

For example, without controlling the Medicaid spending, there wouldn’t be teacher pay raises every year. But there is a compromise solution. Adopt a hybrid of the Arkansas and Kentucky programs. Apply for an 1115 CMS waiver. Accept the federal dollars (90% of paid Medicaid funds) and purchase an adapted commercial health care insurance coverage for this “expansion” population. The state then avoids unpredictable financial liability.

Jeff Tarte, Charlotte

Start with removing the homeless

In response to “Charlotte’s natural beauty is gone” (June 11 Forum):

On the topic of the quality of life changing in the Ballantyne area with regard to natural green spaces being replaced with construction, look no further than Harris Blvd between I-77 and I-85. We too are in a “change mode” with low-income housing bringing crime into what once was a quiet neighborhood.

Most intersections even have homeless men and women who all too often leave their garbage on the street corners.Some even have mini-camp housing of their own in nearby woods. Police do little - because the judicial system will not support nor enforce any issues brought before them.

Roger Montambo, Charlotte

People are tired of Trump’s ego

In response to “Trump’s done a great job with Mexico” (June 11 Forum):

Maybe people would give Trump more credit for his accomplishments if Trump didn't manufacture a “trumped up” emergency. Then, he proceeds to negotiate a deal that was already in place, thereby fluffing up his ego.

Once he creates a problem and the market goes down, people buy low knowing that he will create a "fix" to bring the market back up. That puts more money into the pockets of the top one percent of the people that help him get elected.

People are tired of his lying, cheating and ego boosting ways!

Barbara Cody, Charlotte

I can’t vote for Dems’ far left ideas

In response to “I’m tired of the Republican platform” (June 10 Forum):

I too am independent but will not vote for the Democrats with their far left ideas. Free college, free healthcare, California officials announcing they want to provide free healthcare for all illegal immigrants and open borders to flood the country with more people dependent on government.

Nothing is free and the government does not make and sell products for a profit to pay for this. The money comes from taxpayers, and I for one do not want to pay a percentage of my income so others cannot work and get everything for free.

I guess our votes will cancel each other in 2020.

Robert Elmore, Charlotte

Ballantyne revamp is a great opportunity

In response to “Ballantyne revamp ‘long overdue’ as it seeks to attract big companies and millennials” (June 10):

I am looking forward to the affordable housing plans for the Ballantyne revamp!

This crisis of housing extends beyond urban Charlotte. There are service, retail and other workers who commute from outside Mecklenburg County and cannot afford to live here. What a great opportunity to set an example for Charlotte's suburbs!

Sharon McCarthy, Charlotte