Letters to the Editor

Don’t move too fast toward war with Iran. Use caution.

On Iran, let’s not get ‘war happy’

We have nothing but some grainy video of the attack on the oil tanker that could show anything from any time. We cannot tell who the people are, where they are, or when the video was taken.

We must demand to see incontrovertible evidence before we allow the administration to force us into war.

What does Iran stand to gain from war? Nothing.

What would Saudi Arabia or Israel stand to gain by forcing us to attack their bitter enemy? Neither could attack Iran on their own.

I’m not saying it could not be Iran, but look what happened when we got war-happy and accepted less than incontrovertible evidence against Iraq. Wasted lives and treasure.

Vicki Rowan, Denver, NC

McConnell is to blame, not the House

Regarding “Dems, move on from impeachment,” (June 17 Forum):

As of May 24, the Democratic House has passed 49 pieces of legislation.

It has passed legislation to lower drug prescription prices and to protect pre-existing conditions, nine bills regarding veterans issues, the Paycheck Fairness Act, Bipartisan Background Checks Act, Violence Against Women Reauthorization, National Flood Insurance Extension, and many others.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has labeled himself “the grim reaper’”of Democratic bills, has not brought even one bill to the Senate floor for a vote.

The problem is not with the U.S. House. It is with Mitch McConnell.

C.G. Kilburn, Monroe

Tired of all the drama from Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stands at the podium like she is directing a theatrical drama, waving her hands and making her points that President Trump is a criminal and should be impeached.

This issue is taking all her time and energy.

There are so many problems that both parties need to be solving, and yet the drama continues.

The American people are waiting for those in government to act like leaders instead of children on the playground.

Barbara Kerr, Charlotte

Trump thinks he’s above the law

Why is anyone surprised that Donald Trump first said he “would go maybe to the FBI” if a foreign agent offered “opposition research” on a political opponent?

His people had 140 contacts with Russians, as documented in the Mueller report. There were no indictments because Mueller did not think it could be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the Trump people were aware they were committing crimes.

Donald Trump and his children are ignorant about so many things, but this isn’t one of them.

It is clear unvarnished proof that he and his family consider themselves above the law and that they lack any sense of right and wrong.

Again, no surprise. They have behaved that way for decades.

Tom Siegler, Charlotte

Thankful for these NC scholarships

I’d like to thank those brave supporters of North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship program for bucking big government interest groups and giving freedom a chance.

People have a right to have schools that have not been hijacked for the purposes of advancing a political agenda aimed at empowering the few over the many.

Christopher Hollins, Charlotte

NC budget should not include EV fee

N.C. Senate Republicans have another illogical legislative move, this time to raise the registration fee for electric vehicles (EVs) from $130 to $230 per year plus a new fee for plug-in hybrids.

If it’s about EVs paying their fair share towards highways, they already do that because the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center estimates a “fair” share to be $100 per year.

Look to heavy trucks for users not paying their share.

We don’t need an arbitrary, regressive fee increase that will give North Carolina one of the highest EV fees in the nation. This should be stricken from the budget.

Roger Diedrich, Huntersville

Don’t forget Room in the Inn

Regarding “Loving thy neighbor: What drove Dale Mullennix through 25 years of helping the homeless,” (June 13):

Rev. Dale Mullennix has had a profound, transformative effect on the lives of our homeless neighbors and on the way we think about and deal with the problem of homelessness in our community.

This article failed to mention that Mullennix helped create Room in the Inn — the program in which dozens of Charlotte area churches host homeless people overnight during the winter months.

It is yet another program that transforms the lives of homeless people but also the lives of those who host them.

Robert Dulin, Charlotte