Letters to the Editor

Honoring the memory of slaves who toiled on our family’s Mecklenburg County land

Honoring those our family enslaved

Today, Juneteenth 2019, we write to honor the memory of the enslaved persons who work on Neal farms and served in Neal houses in the Steele Creek district of 18th and 19th century Mecklenburg County.

We know very little about them. Sadly, we can’t even say their names, let alone tell their stories, but we hope to someday.

For today, we do what little we can, which is to remember their presence in that time and place, and to recognize the inherent worth of each of them despite their condition of servitude.

William H. Neal Jr. and William H. Neal III, Richmond, Va.

Stop alienating conservatives

Regarding “We were wrong, graduates” (June 16 Opinion):

Peter St. Onge berates President Trump for saying he would listen to dirt on his opposition from a foreign government, but I have never seen a third of an editorial page attacking Hillary Clinton for helping to pay$5.6 million for the dossier on Trump.

It’s not conservative universities that ban free speech on campus, but the UCLA’s, Berkeley’s, UNC Chapel Hill’s that won’t allow conservative voices to be heard. And who are the individuals being attacked for speaking out? Conservatives.

I don’t understand why the Observer wants to alienate half of the citizens of North Carolina, but you do.

Harry McPherson, Statesville

The solution is to pay more taxes

Regarding “Too many are getting entitlements” (June 16 Forum):\

To use this Forum writer’s words, the “major government giveaways” are: 1) Social Security, 2) Medicare, 3) Aid to families and children.

Now, which ones of these do you want eliminate?

But I agree we can’t continue to have large federal deficits. So if you are truly concerned, contact your “conservative” GOP members of Congress and the president who last year passed the largest peace-time deficit in our nations history.

Simply stated, we need to pay more taxes for our children’s sake.

Robert D. Culbertson, Charlotte

Adding insult to flood injury

Regarding Catawba River flooding articles:

More than 100 homes on the Catawba River flooded, 26 were completely destroyed, and many residents blame Duke Energy.

Now, an added insult: As utility meters were flooded, decades-old Duke accounts were closed. Flood victims are now being required to create new accounts and pay hefty deposits before electricity will be restored.

This is added insult to injury. The question is, just what kind of “corporate partner” is Duke to Charlotte residents?

Joy Shivar, Huntersville

To me, Pride parades flaunt sin

Regarding “NC town declares Pride Day, but not everyone is pleased” (June 16):

I believe that there are not nearly as many people in favor of Pride parades as there are against this flaunting of sin in the face of the Almighty.

True pride would be in living in agreement with His word. All can take “pride” in that move.

C.H. Hendricks, Charlotte

Kudos to Stein for JUUL lawsuit

On behalf of the American Lung Association in North Carolina, I want to thank N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein for filing a lawsuit against JUUL.

E-cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco products among kids. The N.C. Youth Tobacco Survey found that e-cigarette use increased 430 percent in middle schoolers and 894 percent in high schoolers from 2011 to 2017.

Stein seeks to require JUUL to cease selling e-cigarettes to minors, limit the flavors sold in the state, and stop advertising and marketing practices that are intended to appeal to minors.

Until the FDA takes meaningful action that will end the youth e-cigarette epidemic, we need states and other AGs to take these actions to protect our kids.

Dr. Michael J. Kelley, Charlotte

Solution on litter: teaching kids

I applaud any suggestion that can reduce litter. But attempting to develop an incentive program by rewarding trash returns would be ineffective. Identifying point of purchase could be difficult.

In addition, the costs would be passed on to the consumer.

As a Union County volunteer, my group conducts litter pickups, but we also speak to community groups, work with municipalities, and, most importantly, speak to children’s groups.

Our children are the real solution given the difficulty of changing adult behavior.

We need an effective campaign from local, state and federal governments.

Mike Winchester, Monroe