Letters to the Editor

How can we be so inhumane towards children?

What we are doing to these kids is a sin

In response to “Government moves migrant kids after poor conditions exposed” (June 24) and related articles:

What kind of country has America become? High on technology and consumer goods, low on ethics and morality.

The rule seems to be: “Turn a blind eye to the trauma imposed on children at the southern border by our government.” This is sin in biblical terms and evil in any language. What kind of person is this inhumane to children? What kind of person approves of it? What kind of person says nothing against it?

Not caring will soon becomes an acceptable way of life. What can we even do?

George Grubbs, Charlotte

Don’t trample our rights on guns

In response to “Why do we still deny guns as the issue? (June 21 Forum) and related articles:

Attempting to blame guns rather than to address the fact that only a very small percent of our society is becoming more violent provides no answer to the problem whatsoever. If the answer is to trample on the rights of all by changing or abolishing our Second Amendment to address the changing behavior of a small part of our population, then our republic is doomed. No rights under our Constitution could withstand that kind of reasoning.

I find it interesting, if not disturbing, that so many who wish to nullify our right to keep and bear arms also seem to be supporters of socialism, in my opinion.

Edwin Saint Sing, Mooresville

Trump needs Iran, border strategy

In response to “Trump signs order imposing sanctions on Iran supreme leader” (June 24):

Dewey P. Rochester
Dewey P. Rochester

Trump’s recent backtracking on an Iran response and immigration was not his original sin. The original sin was that he made boasts and pronouncements that he couldn’t keep.

If Trump wants to avoid looking like a wimp or the faux leader that he is, he will develop a coherent strategy for Iraq and devote enough resources to border control. Of course, both of these things are beyond his intellectual capability.

Dewey P. Rochester, Charlotte

Whites aren’t taking over east Charlotte

In response to “Developers unveil latest plans for old Eastland Mall site to wary residents” (June 21):

I take exception to Zhenia Martinez’s comment of how they’re trying to “make the east side white again.”

Everyone should be taking part in keeping east Charlotte clean and safe, regardless of their nationality (Caucasian American, African American or Hispanic American). The entire city is going through great recognition as a result of sports and businesses moving here. East Charlotte is part of that. This part of the city has lost a lot of prominent business and citizenship and needs to reclaim its position.

Upgrading Eastland Mall does not mean transforming the area “back to Caucasian.” t means we want to upgrade the area to make it more compatible with the city’s overall appearance.

Charles C. Ryder, Charlotte

4th of July won’t be worth celebrating

We all should be ashamed for what this nation is doing. This isn't a label problem (Democrats or Republicans), it's an American problem. Having served our country in war, I'm not looking forward to celebrating our 4th of July this year.

Our Declaration of Independence states, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". I'm not feeling any of these truths, because the actions of our government allow those truths to be so diminished.

Daryl Solomonson, Troutman

Hornets make a sad draft mistake

In response to “New Hornets draft pick secretly recorded sex videos in high school, lawsuits say” (June 21):

Let me get this straight. Jalen McDaniels commits a “youthful indiscretion” twice. As a consequence, he mumbles an “apology” on video and is now in store for a multi-million dollar contract. Meanwhile, the two other youths involved (whose offenses appear to be being female) suffer the consequences of shaming and ultimately attempted suicide?

Our fine upstanding Charlotte Hornets chose to look the other way in what is sadly a very common scene of stomping all over any sense of right and wrong in pursuit of dollars. The sadness of this disparity should break the heart of every one of us, Mitch Kupchak and the rest of the Hornets included.

This is so sad and so avoidable.

Dave Lank, Charlotte