Letters to the Editor

How is student loan debt forgiveness fair?

How is this debt forgiveness fair?

In response to “Sanders, liberals, out with bill to cancel student debt” (June 24):

Gary Caton
Gary Caton

I have been trying to understand the push to forgive student loan debt. It appears we have a lot of students borrowing a lot of money to get a better education. I can understand the issues raised when someone leaves college $250,000 or more in debt.

I do have some questions though. What about the students who have paid off their debt due to hard work and sacrifice? Do they get their money back, or do they just lose because they were responsible?

Also, what happens when the college graduates get jobs that pay six-digit salaries? Are they going to, in some way, try to pay back what they borrowed, or do the taxpayers give them a free ride in addition to paying for the services that the graduate provides after the free education?

Gary Caton, Charlotte

White people don’t get the situation

In response to “Whites aren’t taking over east Charlotte” (June 24 Forum) and related articles:

Janet Lama
Janet Lama

Once again, white voices are offended because people of color bring race up regarding a local problem. This time it was a group of three black sheriffs refusing to honor ICE. Another came declaring that "upgrading Eastland Mall does not mean transforming the area back to Caucasian" when in a racist society, it always seems the white areas get all the amenities.

The point that's being missed is that these people of color are speaking from their lifelong experiences with racism. We may not agree, but what do white people know about the situation? Recognizing their opinions can be enlightening about how racism affects everything about the side most effected by it.

If we'd listen without passing judgment, maybe we could learn something.

Janet Lama, Charlotte

Duke did what it could with flooding

In response to “‘Taking care of the people wasn’t a priority.’ Is Duke Energy to blame for flooding?” (June 24):

It must be nice to have all the answers after the rain stops. Brandon Jones says Duke Energy should have taken precautions in case the forecast was off. Maybe so, but how much precaution should it have taken when some areas got twice the forecast amount of rain in a short period?

Mecklenburg commissioner Pat Cotham says the company should take some responsibility because Duke has its own meteorologists. Like the National Weather Service, they predicted far less accumulation.

It was an unforeseen tragedy.Don’t blame Duke when the fault lies squarely with Mother Nature.

John Bowling, Charlotte

Duke should have learned by now

Are they kidding? This is the third time in 10 years that Duke has protected Lake Norman while severe flooding occurred in the Mountain Island Lake and the Lake Wylie areas. Each time the excuses from Duke have been more or less the same, with poor communications to boot.

Adding a few inches of water to Lake Norman would have made a huge difference in every case. DoesDuke not learn anything from these past weather events?

Tom Blomquist, Charlotte

People are important, not guns

In response to “Don’t trample our rights on guns” (June 24 Forum):

Constance Kolpitcke
Constance Kolpitcke

Taking semi-automatic weapons off the market and out of the hands of murderers is not trampling on your right to own a gun.

It has nothing to do with the Second Amendment and our Constitution. It has nothing to do with a political philosophy, be it socialism or capitalism. What is intensely disturbing is that some people care more about their guns than they care about the senseless, savage slaughter permeating our country.

Constance Kolpitcke, Cornelius

To see real change, every vote counts

Some say "My vote doesn't matter.” In spite of the fact that the Electoral College is totally out of date and unfair, every vote does indeed count these days.

As an old man, I realize myself, my family, my friends and my neighbors have changed and, more importantly, the world has changed. For better or for worse, change will continue.

Our leadership should include those who recognize change and deal with change leading our country in a direction you support through your vote. By not voting, you could insure changes may not be the best for our country in the future.

Walter Saville, Charlotte