Letters to the Editor

Trump is the devil we can trust

Is Trump right for America?

Today for America, it’s better to have a devil you trust than a devil you don’t trust. We can at least trust Trump to do something.

For the last 50 years, politicians have done nothing but lie to us. Like my boss used to say, we’ve got to do something even is it’s wrong, and like Churchill said, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.”

Well, we’ve been trying everything.So, is Trump the right thing? We won’t we know till 2020.

James Mulcahy, Charlotte

Abortion is a plague in today’s world

Abortion is our modern day eugenics plague. Women are aborting babies with a variety of so-called defects, some as minor as cleft palates or club feet. Sex selection abortions are also performed, and in New York City, more black babies are aborted than those born alive.

Margaret Sanger, who is lauded by Planned Parenthood as its founder, had appalling things to say about eliminating inferior races. She should not be applauded. If a crisis pregnancy center can help a person see the value of an unborn child, why would anyone take issue with that?

Lissa Tipple, Charlotte

Tax increases aren’t what’s best for us

The writer is a Charlotte City Council member:

The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners will decide on Tuesday whether to put a quarter cent sales tax increase on the ballot this fall to pay for arts, greenways and whatever else they may choose to spend it on. The $50 million extra tax burden this would create would be in addition to the roughly $35 million increase in property taxes already incorporated in the county’s recently adopted FY 2020 budget.

These tax increases are not in the public interest. For one, the burden of paying them will fall most heavily on low-income families, who must spend almost all the money they have on living expenses that will increase because of the tax. The taxes run directly counter to our community goals of reducing income inequality and increasing housing affordability.

Raising local sales taxes to pay for a major surge in arts spending also doesn’t make sense because it diverts public resources from more pressing local needs. Some funding for the arts may have its place in local government, but to contemplate such large increase while we are grappling with high crime rates, low economic opportunity, insufficient affordable housing and underfunded public schools is clearly out of step with the priorities citizens want their elected officials to address. The sales tax increase answers a question too few people are asking.

Ed Driggs, Charlotte

Mark Johnson isn’t qualified for the job

In response to “Why did NC’s superintendent ignore his expert panel on new reading tests?” (June 26):

Mary Englebert
Mary Englebert

Perhaps those who voted for Mark Johnson did so because he was the Republican candidate. Whatever your reason is, it cannot be that he was qualified for the position.

Teaching two years via the Teach for America program and then launching a political career does not qualify one to lead an agency responsible for the education of more than 1.5 million children. His latest bad idea (testing reading skills via computer) is just one more example. It might behoove us to look beyond political affiliation before the next election.

Mary Englebert, Statesville

Immigration system is flawed for sure

What has happened to the moral and ethical approach to immigration in the United States? The Statue of Liberty welcomes immigrants from all lands, and this has been what has made this country great.

I don’t know if immigration laws are good or bad, but what I do know is that the supposedly greatest nation on earth does not have the capacity to process immigrants desiring entrance to our country. Yes, many immigrants enter our country illegally. The reason they enter illegally, though, is because our government will not fairly and expeditiously process legal entry.

The immigrants are not illegal, I say the system is.

Larry Bennett, Charlotte

One bad debate doesn’t bury Biden

In response to “Kevin Siers cartoon: How did Biden do in the Democratic debate?” (June 28 Editorial):

Kevin Siers' editorial cartoon on Sunday is an example of today's reactionary media that thrive on character assassination. I'm no fan of Joe Biden, but to print such a cartoon of the debate is ridiculous.

The others who came with prepared speeches and those with cringeworthy answers desperate to interject at odd times do show these debates to be a meaningless exercise for the voter. Yet, to call out a candidate's demise after only one debate is to misguide the voter. Certainly, we can do better.

Jaw Lewis, Davidson