Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.08.15

In response to “McCrory to sign abortion measure” (June 4):

Abortion bill demeaning to women

The women of North Carolina continue to be demeaned by their governor and legislators.

How many times do I have to read that it’s a bill “that is needed to protect women”? This implies that women are not capable of protecting themselves.

Our politicians do not live in reality if they think that a woman seeking an abortion has not struggled with this decision for days, if not weeks, before seeking the procedure.

When will the insanity stop in this state?

Chris Turner


Time to revisit court ruling that granted corporations personhood

Court rulings that corporations have some of the same legal rights as persons and that money is free speech has had a particularly damaging effect on democracy in this country.

Corporations are artificial entities created for the purpose of raising large amounts of capital, accomplished by removing owners from personal liability.

Therein lies the fundamental difference between persons and corporations. Persons have personal liability.

Our system is based essentially on legal bribery by corporations. Individual persons cannot compete since they usually do not have vast amounts of cash.

Our system needs to be improved by striking down the ruling that corporations are persons.

Allen Cooke


In response to “Final leg of I-485 to open Friday” (June 4):

Now that I-485 is complete, go back and fix some of these problem spots

With the completion of I-485 in the news, N.C. DOT needs to look at the congestion at I-485 and Brookshire Boulevard.

The exit at Oakdale Road, which was originally started and then scrapped, should be completed to relieve this congestion, as well as congestion at Brookshire Boulevard and Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road.

Albert Hedspeth


Three projects at once in bottle-necked Matthews pose serious danger

Overcrowded, narrow, poorly paved roads have created gridlock in Matthews.

My home is sandwiched between two ongoing construction projects making it hazardous to exit from Country Place Drive. A third project planned by the ACTS retirement community nearby will result in total road chaos.

Three projects simultaneously in a bottle-necked area pose danger for drivers, as well as those attempting to use the nearby greenway.

What’s most mind-boggling is that when all is done our ability to navigate safely on South Trade Street and Country Place Drive will be no better.

Safety of pedestrians, bikers and drivers must be paramount. Leadership must come from the Matthews town board before lives are lost.

J.L. Silverman


In response to “Don’t give up our solar advantage” (June 4 Viewpoint):

N.C. has much to lose if lawmakers vote to tighten solar requirements

Freezing requirements for electric power suppliers now instead of seeing it through would remove North Carolina from a leading position in an industry just beginning to erupt.

If House Bill 332 passes, North Carolina will lose countless economic opportunities.

In addition to N.C.’s burgeoning solar industry, the state is also likely to lose the investment of Google, Apple, Facebook, and other companies initially drawn to the state’s renewable energy policies.

Innovation attracts innovation, and innovative companies bring jobs, capital, talent, and acclaim to the regions they grace with their investment.

North Carolina stands to lose it all.

Kirsten Lew


In response to “Dave Wagner out as WCNC anchor” (June 4):

What station really needs to fix is those annoying pop-up ads, crawls

If WCNC is so concerned with poor ratings, instead of firing Dave Wagner maybe they should remove the annoying crawl and pop-up ads at the bottom of their broadcast.

It’s bad enough having to sit through 15 minutes of commercials for a 30-minute news broadcast, yet they expect you to tolerate the pop-ups too.

L.V. Jones