Letters to the Editor

Care about children after they’re born, too

Get back to me when you care for the kids

In response to “South Texas facility to detain migrant teens opens” (July 1) and related articles:

Currently, we have people attempting to enter this country illegally and their children are being taken away from them and put in detention camps. Reports state some of them have little to no water, sleeping cots, decent food or toiletries. This is being billed by private industries back to the taxpayers. People’s response is “their parents should not have brought them” - basically approving of this because of bad parents?

Get back to me when you care about living children. Then we can discuss your intrusion into someone’s private affairs with abortion decisions.

David E. Hawk, Rock Hill

These children will be traumatized

What will the migrant children in detention camps grow up to be like now? They are traumatized, without their parents and held in deplorable conditions. By not dealing with them in humane and loving ways now, I suspect they will contend with severe problems when they are teens and young adults.

Also equally important, what is being done to the American soul that so many feel this treatment is fine? That they shouldn't be here?

They are here and they are children.

Sue Friday, Davidson

Trump has corrupted the Oval Office

In response to “Is Trump right for America?” (July 2 Forum):

Suggesting that President Donald Trump may be the remedy for decades worth of lies told by past politicians is like saying that a stationary thunderstorm might wash away severe flooding.

Never in my lifetime has such a chronic liar occupied the Oval Office and employed such a revolving door of ethically challenged officials. Perhaps someone from outside the realm of politics will serve our country well in the future, but for the time being, it's abundantly clear that truth, honesty and decency have all been casualties of this attempt.

Arnie Grieves, Charlotte

Trump will fail with North Korea

In response to “At DMZ, step into history for Trump as he offers hand to Kim” (June 30) and related articles:

Mary Ann Evanoff
Mary Ann Evanoff

Donald Trump's visit to North Korea was just as disastrous as his promise to build a wall. Neither was well thought out nor planned. In his visit to North Korea, he walked into a country that imprisons and tortures its people. Kim Jong Un imprisoned an American citizen in shackles until he was too sick to live. He let him come home to die. Will he get a deal for nuclear disarmament? He hasn't yet and I am pretty sure he won't.

When it comes to the wall, Trump fired up Americans saying that he would build it to keep the undesirables out. However, there was no executable plan to accomplish this. We had no idea how much it would cost American taxpayers. His rhetoric gave no instances of any country that has built a wall and been successful with its desired outcome in the past.

Mary Ann Evanoff, Midland

Help the poor before the arts

In response to “Commissioners likely to back a vote on sales tax increase. But where would the money go?” (June 28):

I was incensed upon reading how funds from a proposed tax increase would be spent. Neither of the county's proposals designate funds for affordable housing. I cherish Charlotte's parks and arts, but putting roofs over the heads of our working poor and their families should take precedence.

More than 4,000 children are affected by homelessness. That's children in almost every class! That number is likely to increase as Charlotte families are less and less likely to find affordable rent. To fund our arts and parks first is morally reprehensible when others should come first.

Ashley Council, Charlotte

Taxpayers already funded the roads

In response to “Hate toll lanes? A quicker trip to the beach might change your mind.” (June 27):

Many of us in Mecklenburg County who object to the toll lanes on I-77 do not “hate toll lanes.” We object to being forced to pay to drive on roads we believe we have already more than paid for with taxpayer money.

Toll roads and toll lanes can be effective solutions in situations where no money exists. But the I-77 toll lanes have, for many of us, become symbols of government waste. They are a reminder to the people of Mecklenburg of the continued arrogance of government officials who ignore the people they are supposed to serve.

Warren Smith, Charlotte