Letters to the Editor

Non-citizen residents do indeed have rights

The census counts all living in the US

In response to “Decision on census was a bad one” (July 8 Forum):

Vicki Taylor
Vicki Taylor

It is asserted that the people he called “illegal citizens” have no rights. Non-citizen residents do indeed have rights.

The U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other amendments confer many rights to people with only certain rights limited to citizens. Even the late Justice Scalia in Reno v. Flores stated “It is well established that the Fifth Amendment entitles aliens to due process of law in deportation proceedings.” Other rights are also established for non-citizen residents and in some jurisdictions they can even vote in local elections such as for school board. Those are facts.

The census should count all persons living in the U.S., citizen or not, and anything that would jeopardize an accurate count defeats the purpose of the census.

Vicki Taylor, Troutman

The census was for people, not voters

Actually, the census was never intended to count citizens or voters. It was intended to count people.

Slaves were recognized as citizens but were actually counted as three-fifths of a person, and the total number was used to determine the number of representatives each state got in the U.S. House. Women were not allowed to vote until the 20th century, but they were counted in the census just as men were.

For what purpose does Trump really want to ask about citizenship? I suspect that they would love it if immigrants, whether documented or not, would avoid the census thus benefiting the GOP. It is also worth noting that the Constitution gives Congress decision making authority about the census.

Jack Hankins, Charlotte

Trump is doing what others couldn’t

President Donald Trump, unlike past administrations, is not a passive, figurehead president that only makes great speeches, walks with a confident swagger and stays politically correct but ignores jobs, employment, the economy and trade imbalances. President Trump is aggressively focused on these issues with historically successful unemployment numbers, jobs, a roaring economy and more being established.

Democrats, desperate to gain voters to defeat Trump in 2020, will continue to flood us with constant Trump turmoil and negative criticism. Voters will not be swayed by these tactics though.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Support women, Ivanka? Prove it

Ivanka Trump has stated numerous times that she will help empower women. As far as I can tell, the only woman she constantly empowers is herself.

I find it hard to believe that not one spoken word about the recent closings of abortion clinics, women's fight for equality or equal pay ever passes her lips. If her goal is to truly empower women everywhere, then let it begin with her wearing someone else's shoes instead of her designer stilettos for once.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Jefferson thought all men were equal

In response to “Charlottesville scraps Jefferson’s birthday as holiday” (July 2):

I see why Charlottesville is no longer going to celebrate Thomas Jefferson because he was a slave holder. Thomas Jefferson was born into a world not of his making though. It was Thomas Jefferson, along with the other founders, who changed the world with the bold new idea that all men are created equal.Without Thomas Jefferson, we might still have slavery as there is in other parts of world today.

Learn some history and hope that future generations will not condemn you for your actions in the context of your times. Meanwhile, celebrate Thomas Jefferson for his heroic efforts in furthering the dignity of humans.

Alan Olsen, Charlotte

We don’t need even more taxes

In response to “Mecklenburg will let voters decide whether to raise sales tax for the arts and parks” (July 2):

Thank you, commissioners Pat Cotham and Elaine Powell, for voting against placing the sales tax on the ballot.

The Observer reported that funds to the Arts and Science Council dropped during the recession and have not come back. I say the reasons are that people are scared they will lose their jobs since they do not want to lose their homes. Many are working a side job to make ends meet since extra money is scarce. Our county commission has already decided there will be tax increases, and here comes a possible sales tax on top of that?

It shouldn’t be on the ballot. Taxpayers will leave Mecklenburg and I’ll be next.

Marleen Alexander, Charlotte