Letters to the Editor

Trump isn’t just another wimpy politician

Trump will figure it all out

In response to “Trump is doing what others couldn’t” (July 9 Forum):

Felton Newell Temple
Felton Temple

Thanks for telling it like it is. Trump may be brash, use not-so-nice language and more, but he is not just another wimpy politician who wants to please the people so he will get elected again. He truly wants to improve this country.

Leave him alone, and he will get things straightened out. He is a brilliant man and we are lucky to have him in control. Hopefully the majority will come to their senses and vote him into office again.

Felton Newell Temple, Fort Mill

Trump doesn’t need help being terrible

It is amusing, and at the same time, frustrating seeing the bashing of Democrats while, in my opinion, giving a big bear hug to one of the worst and inept presidents in American history.

I do agree that the Democratic party and the majority of the voting public are focused on defeating him in the 2020 elections and are aggressively pursuing that goal. Where I have a major concern with the ideology is that Trump is not capable of creating turmoil and negative criticism without the assistance of the Democrats.

Trump has proven to the world on a daily basis that he alone is responsible for his despicable, traitorous and unprofessional behavior without the help of anyone.

Larry Vogt, Mooresville

Hobby Lobby ad wasn’t propaganda

In response to “Hobby Lobby ad was propaganda” (July 8 Forum):

The Hobby Lobby full-page advertisement this past holiday was not propaganda. It was a peaceful expression of thought from a privately held company.

This same freedom, an American hallmark, also allows this forum writer to confronting Hobby Lobby, instead of using some paid forum to do the same.

There is no need for this well-intentioned and reputable advertiser to have their message discriminated against and censored.

Christopher Lawing, Charlotte

Nothing wrong with Hobby Lobby ad

I read the Hobby Lobby ad with interest. The ad was paid for by Hobby Lobby, thus, I do not think the Observer bears any responsibility towards support of the message.

As for the complaint that the quotes were without explanation and citations were absent, let me assist. "In God we Trust" first appeared on U.S. currency (coin) in 1864 and on paper currency since 1957 as approved by Congress and President Eisenhower.

I would suggest that if you disagree, or are offended by the message of an advertiser, just do not read the advertisement then.

Tom Holmes, Charlotte

I hope Epstein is imprisoned soon

In response to “Financier Jeffrey Epstein due in court over sex charges” (July 7) and related articles:

The disgusting reports coming out about the Jeffrey Epstein debacle are heartbreaking and infuriating. Not only for the actions of this execrable billionaire, but for the unbelievable handling of the case by the federal prosecutor, Alan Acosta, who is the current Secretary of Labor.

This is one of the "best people" that was promised to us Americans by our current president? A man who let the most pernicious and dangerous type of predator off the hook with a ridiculously lenient plea bargain?

This is not a partisan issue. Epstein is a monster. Hopefully the new indictments will imprison this dirtbag for the rest of his life and expose his buddies to appropriate scorn.

Mark J. Murphy, Charlotte

Women’s team should visit Trump

In response to “US women win World Cup on their own terms” (July 7) and related articles:

We all reveled in the wonderful victory of the U.S. women's soccer team in the World Cup on Sunday. It was a fantastic achievement winning two years in a row. Megan Rapinoe, the team captain, was thrust into the spotlight as the embodiment of the team's winning attitude, confidence, and yes, brashness.

She should, however, drop her objection to accepting the invitation from our president to visit the White House.

Our nation is based on the right to dissent. What an important message she would be sending to all her admirers back home and abroad by accepting the honor, and it is an honor, by attending the ceremony despite her disagreements with the current president living there.

It would show the world what American democracy is all about.

Jeffrey Pearlroth, Fort Mill